Why You’re Never Too Old To Hustle Online

Opportunities online are rife with slang, new terminology and fast-paced innovations. However it is an all-inclusive industry at its core. And it’s for everyone!

The brain rattling pace of change in our world seems to coincide with an equally dizzying number of new words and slang that sometimes make you wonder if you still speak English. Did you know that guac, hangry and rando were all added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary last year? That’s right, time to start learning English again.

The internet is the playground of all things new and trending, and online work is no exception. So occasionally the misconception that these opportunities are aimed at the youngest, hippest and trendiest among us, creeps in. But here’s why that’s all wrong.

In many ways, a large number of online opportunities can be even more suitable to an older, more settled audience than to a young and jittery one. As contradictory as that may seem, it’s true. Most online opportunities center around independent contractors performing one or two very specific tasks. And then doing it over and over. Now, find me someone under the age of 25 that is prepared to stick with doing the same thing for an extended period of time, and I’ll find you a vegetarian lion – they exist, but very rarely.

The allure of online opportunities to the younger generation is the transient nature of working remotely, while on the go, and being able to switch roles at a whim. But on the flip side of this equation the opportunity to undertake in a specific task, without having to concern yourself with other unrelated tasks, carries a different kind of allure to an older, more settled audience. Think about the editor who is nearing retirement but doesn’t want to hang up the red pen just yet. Or the teacher who no longer has the energy for a full day of classes, but still wants to impart knowledge. These kinds of opportunities are uniquely available in the online environment. You can edit papers, for just two hours a day, and then walk away. Or you can teach three classes, to three eager and willing to learn students, and call it a day. The joy of the work, minus the pain of the other stuff. Plus, a 4-hour coffee break after lunch is almost never a bad thing.

Most companies looking for independent contractors online also revel in the opportunity to find experienced workers, who don’t require long term growth, yet can fulfill the tasks at hand with a high level of proficiency for short periods of time. For many senior contractors, this is a dream come true.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a PWC study conducted in the US found that over 65% of working individuals above the age of 50 were interested in becoming independent contractors. Considering that over half of the US working population is expected to be engaged in contract-type work by 2027, this is merely a sign of the times, as well as seniors’ willingness to work into retirement with flexible jobs.

So if you’ve been dipping your toes in the proverbial pool of online adventure, but wondering how you’ll fair in a sea of post-90’s trend setters, it’s time to take the plunge. The world of online work is becoming more mainstream than you could ever imagine.

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