Where in the World are VIPKid Teachers: San Antonio


For Where in the World are VIPKid Teachers, we’re highlighting members of our amazing teacher community teaching from around the world.

This week, we spoke to teacher Holly. She teaches in San Antonio, Texas.

Tell us a bit about where you teach

I teach from the driver’s seat of my RV. It turns around to face the interior of the RV.

There is a privacy curtain that covers the windshield behind me, and my backdrop is pinned to that curtain. I experimented with a bunch of different backdrops and it seems that my fabric map is the lightest, easiest one to manage.

I just draw back the curtain when I am not teaching. My computer is set up on a TV tray in front of me, and the lights are attached to the cabinets.

How did you get started as a VIPKid teacher?

I heard about VIPKid in a forum for RVer’s who travel full time. Teaching from my RV, anywhere in the USA, seemed like a perfect match for me! I would be able to see the country and experience new things while also getting to meet new friends in China.  I am also enrolled in a Master’s Degree program.

I would never be able to travel, work and go to school without VIPKid!

What do you love most about your classroom?

My classroom is bright and cheerful. The map I have behind me is perfect for showing my students how I am moving around America.

I love that my classroom goes with me. I can teach from anywhere, but my regular students get to feel like they are in a familiar place.  As a bonus, I can quickly put my whole classroom away when heading out for an adventure.

What’s one thing the whole world should know about San Antonio?

San Antonio is an extremely friendly city! People are very welcoming.

San Antonio has wonderful restaurants, beautiful bike riding paths, amazing parks, and a lot of history for visitors and residents to enjoy.

Do you have any advice for VIPKid teachers who want to teach from an RV and travel?

If you are going to travel, it is a good idea to have a wifi booster and 2 internet providers.

You never know where you will be staying and which provider will have coverage in that area. I am so grateful to VIPKid for giving me the opportunity to travel and still work full time.


  1. I love your RV and that you use it teaching! My in-laws had a HUGE Bluebird and traveled all over the United States, only missing Alaska and Hawaii. I bet you have awesome adventures!!

  2. I would love to do this as well! Sounds like such an amazing adventure. It’s nice to see how people are able to make it work.

  3. I have taught from my hotel sitting pool side! I used my beach towel for my background for a pop of color. It was neat!

  4. 8,9.18 Teacher Holly, thanks for the fun report on teaching from an RV. I would love to do that! You could unplug your laptop and show them the scenery at different places. One time I showed my student my back yard (at 8am) because we were studying about day and night. It surprised her that the sun was shining at my house! Have fun on your adventures! Marney

  5. My name is also Holly, I am also a VIPKID teacher who ALSO lives in an RV, but I have to stay parked, because I don’t know how to get a traveling wifi. I currently have UScellular on my phone, but it’s not enough to use for the amount of classes I teach. I teach full time. How do you do it?

  6. I have retired friends who are traveling across the United States in RVs. But, they are not teaching. I have one friend who now lives on a boat, and they dock the boat and camp out at different places. I am limited with traveling because of my husband’s health, but I truly enjoy the stories of others.

  7. Hi Holly!
    What’s the best way to subscribe to 2 internet providers?
    Does your husband have one thru his phone and you on another?
    Thanks for your help!

  8. Holly,
    I would have never thought about teaching while traveling in an RV. What a fabulous way to see the US! What a fun way to connect with your students by showing them where you have been.

  9. Wow! Sounds fun and it’s great you can still teach and experience America. Sending my best on getting your master’s. I got mine and I know how much work it is!!

  10. Holly,
    Good advice about having a WIFI booster and different internet sources. I am planning to get a fifth wheel RV in the near future and did not think about the WIFI and internet situation.


  11. I live in Plano, TX and love visiting San Antonio — it was so much fun being at Dallas Journey yesterday and meeting teachers from all over Texas

  12. I live in Plano, Texas and love visiting San Antonio. It was so much fun meeting teachers from all over Texas at Dallas Journey yesterday.

  13. I am thinking of doing this too eventually. Currently, my husbands job has him travel to a neighboring state for a week at a time and so I pack my stuff and we go!

  14. I have wanted to try RVing around the US for years. Your experience encourages me to make it a reality. Thank you for sharing your traveling/working experience.

  15. I think I would call this “getting the most out of your life”. You put together a dream package and are making it work. Hats off to Holly!! By the way, I think San Antonio is wonderful; I used to live in Austin and have visited your lovely city.

  16. This is seriously incredible. 🙂 I know you talked about having two internet providers, but with that said, have you experienced IT issues – such as in specific areas? What’s your favorite spot you’ve been to yet?

  17. That is awesome. My wife and I are both teachers. We love the flexibility VIPKID offers. I am new, but she has brought her computer on road trips and taught from our destination. Soon, I will do the same. Thank you for your story.

  18. I worry about the wifi just staying at hotels when I travel. What about National Parks and places that are more out of the way? How does your booster and 2 providers work in places like that? Do you use the two big guys? ATT and Verizon? How did you pick which ones to use and what made you pick them?

  19. That is fantastic! My husband and I will be leaving Dallas, Texas in February and heading out full time in our RV. I am glad to hear the set up that you have is what we have been thinking of using. Have you ever taken your kids outside the RV?

  20. I personally love San Antonio! My daughter attends college at UTSA so we visit often.I love how you are able to travel and teach, that must be amazing!

  21. So cool!! I live near that beautiful river bluff you posted a picture of above. Would love to meet you and learn how to do it!

  22. It’s one of the best aspects of the job, getting to teach from anywhere! I’ve learned a lot about finagling lighting in hotels and my students love getting to see the scenery from wherever we are.

  23. I used to live in an RV until I made another addition to my family and outgrew our little El Dorado. We are saving up for a new RV to accommodate our family. I’m so excited that I will still be able to teach at VIPKID while we go on our adventures!

  24. My husband and I talk about this all the time- how it appears that traveling and VIP Kid seems to just go together. But I have yet to try to teach while on vacation (I’m nervous about the reliability of the wi-fi. But this is inspiring. Thank you!

  25. What a wonderful teaching opportunity to be able to show students where you are on the map and to have them follow you as you travel. Great experiences! I love it! Have you been to Pennsylvania yet? This is where America first started!

  26. I love this!! How cool it is that you can travel and teach at the same time. I hear about people doing this, but I would think it would be a problem with wifi cutting out. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I travel.

  27. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I am a bit nervous about traveling and teaching. I always work from home. But, this is encouraging! Just have to get some back up internet.

  28. I am in Florid and I teach from a corner of my master bedroom. Teaching from an RV must be so much fun. The students truly get to see a lot more of America.

  29. You are living my dream!! My vision board has us living in an RV & traveling the US while I teach my VIPKID kiddos!! 🙂 Keep enjoying! <3

  30. Very cool. My husband works at an RV dealership 🙂 He just had a customer who is also a VIPKID teacher actually 🙂

  31. We used to full time RV! We struggled with internet though! We used out hotspot when necessary, but the internet was the biggest issue we no longer full time. My dad still full times though, and is still struggling to find a decent internet. What do you recommend?


  32. This is amazing! I used to live in San Antonio and now live in Gilbert, Arizona and teach from home! It is the best job in the world!!!! Especially for a previous teacher and now stay at home mom!

  33. Awesome! We’ve been travelling full-time in our RV for almost two years! I am so grateful to be able to teach my VIPKID classes from anywhere and everywhere. We have similar set-ups, too. 🙂 Happy travels!

  34. Fantastic! I just got back from an RV trip in British Columbia, in Western Canada. Although there are severe fires affecting the region at the moment, we still had a great time! Glad to see you are able to do what you loving doing while being part of the VIPKid community. Happy traveling/teaching!

  35. Amazing! I would love to be able to travel and teach! Alas, my children are too young at the moment so I’ll stay in my house. Thanks for sharing.


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