What to do to Encourage Good Behavior

We’ve all taught that one student who simply cannot sit down, scribbles across the screen or moves around so much that you feel like you’re getting vertigo. Here are my tips for how to make these classes fun and productive for the student as well as manageable for you.

By Teacher  Eva Jasmine Cover


1) Refer to the student by name -When a student becomes especially distracted and I can tell she or he hasn’t listened to what I said, I ask my question again using his or her first name. Hearing his or her name reminds the student that you are communicating with them and not simply talking at them.

2) Channel “bad behavior” into participation -If a student can’t sit still, then build physical activity into the lesson. For example: if you answer the question correctly, jump two times or stand up when you hear the vocab word. If a student scribbles on the board, encourage them to draw the word you introduce or to circle it. This provides an avenue for the student to release excess energy while engaging in class.

3) Refocus the student with Simon Says -If the student really gets out of hand in class and can’t focus, stop the lesson for a moment, and play Simon Says. The student likely knows the game, knows it’s fun and will have to pay attention to you in order to play. You can even ask the student to stand up and sit down many times because it will help wear them out a little. When the student focuses up, you can return to the lesson.

4) Keep calm and teach on -You create the environment in the classroom so even if the student yells in class, make sure that you do not raise you voice to speak over them because it sends the message that being loud is okay in the classroom. Even if you feel frustrated, try to remain positive, smiley and supportive.

5) Give clear, simple instructions -A teacher should always give clear, simple instructions, but it’s especially important when teaching a hyperactive child. Similarly, make sure that you are consistent with your instructions and firm about your expectations.

Teaching hyperactive students can be challenging, but also rewarding. Don’t forget to have fun with the student and think about what you would have enjoyed at that age. I hope these tips help!

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