What does the VIPKID child think about during their first class?

Teacher Elayne explains how the VIPKID class feels through the eyes of a child. As teachers, one can often share with each other the nervousness of teaching an online class for the first time. Have you ever asked yourself what the young child is thinking on the other side of the screen? Continue reading to take a glimpse at what might be going on in the child’s mind.

By Teacher  Elayne L


I am excited but I don’t know why.  Mom told me today that I was going to have an English lesson on the computer.  What does that mean?   It sounds scary and I don’t know what to think.  It is getting close to the start time and Mom is excited.  She has combed my hair, washed my face and dusted off my shirt.   This must be really important!

Now, I like the computer and Mom helps me to play on it, but this time feels different.   I am staring at a blank screen and looking at myself.   I am so excited that I insisted we be ready 20 minutes in advance.   Ok, I am getting nervous but I do not understand why and Mom keeps watching the screen with me.

AND THEN… it happens.  A lady appears on the screen and now I am scared.  She looks very different from anyone I have seen before and she is saying things that sound strange.   I grab Mom’s arm and I am scared to let go.   The lady appears nice but I don’t trust her yet and as Mom tries to move away from me, I grab onto her again.  I plead with my eyes, “Mom please stay close”.

The lady keeps smiling and moving around and talking to me.  Okay, maybe she is okay.  I look to Mom and she tells me to say “hello” and I try.   The lady is so happy that I said this word.  Okay, that feels good.  She is speaking slowly and tells me to repeat so I try again “hello”.  Success, she is thrilled!  Okay, just maybe I can do this.  The lady is singing now and I like to sing.  I sing back to her and she is very happy.  Alright let’s keep going.  Without even knowing it, I let go of Mom’s arm and I start to repeat the words, sing and do the actions.  Okay, I am loving this!   I learned the letters A, B and C and how to say, “Hello, how are you, I am fine thank you”.   Who knew that learning a language could be this much fun from my home?

Before I know it, the lady said it was time to say goodbye.  I did not know what that meant but I kept singing with her.   Then I realized that I had let go of my Mom and she had just returned beside me.  I didn’t want this to be over.  I pleaded with my Mom, “can I do this again?

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