Weekend Series —- Memorable Moments at VIPKID (III)

If you missed our memorable stories, check the previous posts. They were pretty funny. And awkward.

By Michelle Tang


Part Three — The Cute Moments

“I have found that if I reward students with candy (skittles!) at the end of class,” a teacher says, “[students] will pretend to put their mouth to the camera to accept it!” Yes, we feel your excitement. They are so cute!

When the kids create their own reward system…

“She was so creative she made her own reward system for her toy bird and told me I could only give her 3 points at a time until she got 15 points. After she got 15 points she decided that only then was she allowed to get a star. Although I tried to reward her as much as possible by the end of the lesson she realized she was not going to get all her stars! She was so surprised and asked if i would give her 30 points for completing the lesson so she could have her last two stars.”

When kids copy you…

“I have a student that will do anything I do. If I sip a coffee, he sips his water, if I pull out my puppet, he pulls out his stuffed bear. Sometimes he even repeats my teacher talk just to be funny. I know he’s messing with me because he’s a bright kid! Ha I love it!”

Moments when you are waiting for class to begin…

“I had [a] student who was getting closer and closer to the camera, to look at her face closely. She then opened her mouth and examined her teeth one by one. Students do not realize that the camera is NOT a mirror and they do the funniest things before class as they wait.”

Students can be so cute…

“Twin girls dressed [as] Cinderella and Aurora. They sang in unison and it melted my heart.”

“I entered my first classroom early and review the lesson. I logged out of the classroom and re-entered when I had about 5 minutes until starting class. My first student, Leo, was already in class talking to himself on the camera. I was trying to calm my nerves when Leo leaned into the camera and in the cutest Chinese accent said “Hello everybody!” I had to cover my mouth to stifle a laugh, but this one little thing calmed me down and reminded me what it means to be a teacher! Leo has a special place in my heart and still makes me smile every time we have class together. :)”

“There was once a time when I was teaching the word “like” and so I said to the student whose name is William: ‘I like William because he is very smart!’ and his response was “I like teacher because she is very pretty” It was very sweet :-)”

About Michelle:

Michelle Tang was an intern at VIPKID in the summer of 2016. A graduate of Palo Alto High School in California, Michelle was a staff writer on her school’s feature magazine Verde, and previously interned at the digital magazine Ozy Media based in Mountain View, CA. She loves cheesecakes and enthusiastically advocates for a VIPKID office dog. She is currently attending Columbia University.

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