Weekend Series —- Memorable Moments at VIPKID (I)

Working at VIPKID, despite its potential challenges and difficulties, can be a positive experience. 39 teachers responded to the survey “Fun/Awkward Moments at VIP” recently released by our staff, telling humorous anecdotes about their experiences.

One of our teachers commented, “I know a lot of the teachers enjoy sharing their personal stories, but also hearing about each others’. [If]…VIPKID can allow for teachers to hear how other classes go [that] would be really helpful.” We’re glad that teachers feel this way. The survey was administered to share teaching experiences among teachers.

Results will be published in the following few blog posts. Hopefully these stories will brighten up your day the same way reading them aloud has livened up our office.

By Michelle Tang


Part One — The Funny Moments

A large portion of the responses were about funny things the kids do.

Apparently, there is a 7 year old student who can’t bear not knowing the answers. So she puts a barbie doll in front of her face, pretending the doll is confused instead, while she so obviously knows the answer. “We end up teaching the doll and all is well,” the anonymous teacher says.

Another response reads: “I was… introducing the letter… T. One of the vocabulary words introduced was ‘tongue’. Needless to say using a little TPR I showed my tongue and the tongue on my dog puppet… He [said] ‘tongue’ while proudly sticking his tongue out and covering the ENTIRE camera. I could not help but to laugh and wonder how wet his camera would be.” We are wondering the same.

What happens when a student has a lot of sass? Instead of answering questions, a teacher says, their student stopped them and said “teacher let me tell you what I know”. If that wasn’t enough, she proceeds to describe what she knew about all the slides in great detail, with ample sound effects. Moreover, at the end of class, she stops her teacher from singing the “goodbye song” and does a full theatrical performance herself. “It made my week,” said the teacher.

“I was teaching one of my repeat students about the sound /ie/ and he read the word iron. He got very excited and started yelling about iron man and other superheroes. We talked about them for a while and the next day he showed up to class in costume.”

“I’ll never forget the time one of my favorite students, Eric, introduced me to his turtles. He asked me if I wanted to meet them and I said yes! He brought out to baby turtles from the other room and put them on his table so I could see. Immediately they started RUNNING around the table as he tries to feed them these eel worms and he starts yelling and picks up his scissors to cut the eel worms. I respond with, ‘No! Eric! Put the scissors down!’ We both are laughing pretty hard at this point and turtles are running free.”

“I use a hand clapper to high five my students sometimes instead of my real hand. It makes a loud CLAP noise. The other day I went to congratulate and high five my student and HE HAD BOUGHT A CLAPPER TOO!”

“I had a student who came to class early in a towel from his bath. He proceeded to stand on the chair and dance for the camera. He did not realize that he could be seen.”

“ I found it very interesting that when a robber tried to break into my home, I continued my class and my student stayed in class. She and her Dad were remarkably cool and subsequently signed up for more classes.”

About Michelle:

Michelle Tang was an intern at VIPKID in the summer of 2016. A graduate of Palo Alto High School in California, Michelle was a staff writer on her school’s feature magazine Verde, and previously interned at the digital magazine Ozy Media based in Mountain View, CA. She loves cheesecakes and enthusiastically advocates for a VIPKID office dog. She is currently attending Columbia University.

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