VIPKID Teachers Meet with Former US Ambassador to China Gary Locke


On June 3rd, two VIPKID teachers – Gabriel McCrary and Lauren Reyk – met with Gary Locke in Seattle. Locke served as the former US ambassador to China, former governor of Washington State, and former US Secretary of Commerce. 

The two teachers shared their teaching experience with the former ambassador and were joined by VIPKID’s co-founder Jessie Chen and Head of Global Public Policy Wenchi Yu. 

Locke was particular interested in learning about the benefits of online teaching versus offline education, and activities VIPKID organizes to support the teacher community.

In addition to teaching on VIPKID’s platform, Lauren shared her experience in helping recruit teachers and conducting mock class interviews. 

As the former ambassador to China and former governor of Washington State, Locke promoted US-China bilateral relations and trade opportunities. He praised VIPKID’s innovation in connecting the US and China on a person-to-person level.

“It is a great company,” said Locke.