#VIPKid Teacher Posts You Don’t Want To Miss (June 2019)

Lit recognizes lit, and we’re recognizing you!

We’ll just come right out and say it, we’re somewhat addicted to social.

Not just your casual check-insta-in-the-elevator addicted either. We’re way past that. We’re the kind of addicted that gets you off the bus nine stops too late. You know, where your thumb develops biceps (thumb-ceps) from swiping and you can sustain a full-blown academic debate on environmental conservation using your ‘recently used’ emojis alone.

Ok, ok. Maybe we’re not that addicted, but with such an active and inspirational VIPKid community online, it’s difficult not to just forget all about our other responsibilities and follow the community online all-day instead. But, being both responsible and continually inspired by tens of thousands of switched on educators, we did the only thing we could do given the circumstances. We came up with a brilliantly elegant solution. Brilliant because it would allow us our fill of social, and elegant because it would actually be part of our job! Modern problems require modern solutions.

So, we started our #VIPKid Teacher Posts You Don’t Want To Miss (June 2019)!

Each month we’ll post a selection of our favorite VIPKid-related posts on social media. They are but a few of the posts that we feel embody what it means to teach with VIPKid, that have employed a particularly creative use of emojis, or that simply ooze with the kind of raw emotion that encapsulates us so much our cornflakes go soggy.

For us, your posts on social are like a temperature check on this thriving community of orange dino-lovers. While we do get to meet some of you in person through competitions, interviews and the occasional lost teacher wandering through Beijing, these interactions are a mere fraction of the amazing stories and experiences out there. That’s why we decided to create this video series.

You can find the very first of our social highlights reel below:

This month we feature a seriously impressive Dino collection which, if we’re being honest, probably beats anyone’s here at the office! We’ve also got one of the most creative reward systems we’ve seen to date. Using hair curlers to teach your student hair enthusiast about curlers, and then removing them one by one as a reward? That’s Einstein-esque! If that student doesn’t go on to become the Mozart of hairstyling (fluent in English might we add)… well, let’s just say it will be due to forces out of your control.

Check out out the video to see those and more inspirational posts from our online community.

Keep up the awesome energy, don’t forget to tag us, and remember even though you’re an English teacher, it’s ok to occasionally forego use of the English language entirely for a good ol’ conversation in emoji.