VIPKID Sets World Record for Largest Online English Class


On May 31st, VIPKID made history by setting the record for the largest-ever online language lesson.

Five members of the VIPKID team taught a class from our Damei headquarters in Beijing. Tuning-in simultaneously were 18,159 students from all around China. Students registered for the event like any other open class, which are VIPKID group English lessons open to multiple students.

 The lesson plan for this massive English session: writing, singing and dance.

 “This record really reflected the brand values of Guinness World Records because it had education and an inspirational element,” said Marco Frigatti, head of global records management at Guinness World Records. 

“They provided information and knowledge to those participating, but they also inspired them to study further – to discover new skills and perhaps a new passion. This record is really cool.”

In preparation, the record-setting team – made up of members of our marketing, tech, art and teacher management departments– organized 3 practice sessions. These included an all-day event, individual preparation, and multiple technical support tests.

Here are some tips for teachers for creating engaging ESL lesson plans. 

Their biggest fear in the run-up to May 31st, according to our teaching quality specialist Kevin Gainey: “What happens if we forget the lyrics?”

“As a child, I remember reading about the Guinness World Records,” said Lorenza Bruno, who participated in the event

“It seemed like an impossible dream to be a part of one myself. As a teacher in the USA, I even shared my love of the Guinness World Records with my students. To now share this achievement with over 18,000 students is unbelievable.”