#VIPKid Posts of the Month: May

Every month we highlight a few of your posts that inspired us, entertained us, or simply made us laugh so hard that we spent the rest of the hour cleaning up the coffee that came out our noses.

Without further ado, here are our favorite #vipkid posts from May. 

The Substitute Teacher

Our favorite part about this post by @anubis_the_greyt is not that there’s a dog in the classroom. But that he genuinely looks he’s trying to explain the intricacies of coloring in, and getting increasingly upset that the “student” is not taking any of it very seriously. Chin up Anubis, not all students are this unruly.

The Prop

When looking for props, most of us just head to the dollar store and grab a handful of plastic animals and plushies. For @vipkidteacherdana that excursion seems to have gone a little differently. We’re not sure if you’re struggling to teach the letter “B” and have decided to take extreme measures to drive the point home, or just really like bananas. Either way that’s an awesome prop!

A Traveller from Afar

It’s not often we see the student and teacher on the same side of the screen. @vipkid_teacher_amy was lucky enough to host one of her students when she visited the States last summer. Not only is Teacher Amy’s classroom next-level cool, but it looks like the student became the master for a minute there too. A very Confucian moment.

An Ewok, a Teacher and a Dino walk into Disneyland…

One comes from 1923 and was born in Los Angeles. One comes from 1983, born on a planet far, far away. One was born just 6 years ago in heart of China. Put them together and you’ve got a childhood dream come true that bridges every generation available. An Ewok, Dino and Disneyland all in one place, @vipkidconfessions you struck gold!

Coming to China

Now this one’s exciting! @teachingpineapple has spent the past half-year dreaming of making a trip to China become a reality. In May it did! We’re not sure what the significance of pineapples is, but if you’re missing them too much when in China just say “Wo yao mai yi ge boluo”. We hope your trip is amazing!


Colors of Malaysia

This picture belongs in a photo competition not our blog! Teacher Kimberly (@dino.vipkid) shot this incredible photo as she travels the world while teaching online. Most of her posts are amazing, but the colors in this one really stood out! We’re so glad you can experience such amazing places while still actively teaching!

We look forward to seeing more amazing posts from you next month!