#VIPKid Posts of the Month (April)

#vipkid April

The #vipkid posts caught our eye

We’re as hopelessly addicted to Instagram as the next person, but our real addiction is following what our VIPKid community gets up to!

Every once in a while, as we absolutely decimate our mobile data scrolling through several thousand posts while we should be sleeping, we stumble across some true gems. These are posts that embody the VIPKid spirit, make us laugh, or are just plain awesome.

So, we thought it would be fun to share them with you.

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The Cutest Pair

For most of us, Groot was the first time we fell in love with a tree (who was occasionally just a sprout). Even puppies can’t hold a candle to baby Groot in the cuteness department. But then we came across this. The general consensus is @vipkidteacher_stacey might have captured the dictionary definition of cuteness!



The Ultimate Reward

Our favorite thing in the world is to bear witness to the bond formed between VIPKid teachers and their students. Our second favorite thing in the world, is to see our teachers benefit in even greater ways. @teachinnglittlesworldwide shared the moment she was finally able to afford her very own laptop for the first time… you are an inspiration and we are so proud of your achievement!



The One That Got Us A Lil’ Jealous

If you’re gonna go relax at the beach, make sure you do it right! @the.radiant.rebel decided to remind us all how long summer is taking to roll around, by posting the most relaxed looking beach photo ever. If only we could run the admin side of VIPKid from anywhere… ah, the joys of online teaching.


The Oh So Committed Husband

It takes a pretty dedicated S.O. to accept your VIPKid life in all its glory. Lights on at 4am. Children’s songs being sung earlier than the birds. And bedtime before Game of Thrones has even started. But we think @teacher.jami.vipkid set a new benchmark with her husband who’s gone all in for the VIPKid commitment.


The One With The Smile

The best thing about this post by @teacher.beatriz, is not the amazing 29 classes booked in 8 hours, but rather that smile behind them. We’re not sure who the smile belongs to, but when it comes to a good ol’ booking frenzy… we’re pretty sure that’s the way everybody feels!


The Cosplaying Princess

 When it comes to bringing your classroom to life, there’s really no need to tell @doitforthekiddos twice. She’s a seasoned cosplay professional! We can only imagine the excitement and delight her students get every time they log into her classes.


But wait, there’s more. We stumbled upon this seriously impressive prop collection too, and guess who it is? That’s right, a double whammy for @doitforthekiddos! Keep up the awesome posts Nathalie!


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