VIPKID Delegation Makes Splash at ASU + GSV Summit

The World's Leading Edtech Summit

Last week, 20 VIPKID representatives from the US and China led by CEO Cindy Mi participated in the annual ASU+GSV Summit.

The summit convened edtech leaders from around the world with backgrounds in government, investment, startups, the non-profit sector, academia, and more.

VIPKID led the first session of the summit. Cindy presented the companyu2019s business model, impact, and growth trajectory to a room full of investors. Interest in VIPKID was definitely larger than the available space in the room.u00a0

Who's Who At ASU + GSV

The delegation was overwhelmed by the collective knowledge and innovative thinking at the event. Topics ranged from K-12 education to human resources, to analytic tools for improving student learning.

Among the attendees were former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, several governors, and philanthropists and entertainers John Legend and Matthew McConaughey.

VIPKID Chief of Staff James Leo also spoke on two panels about personalized learning and the future of online classrooms. The energy and ideas from the ASU+GSV Summit inspired the whole VIPKID delegation to work harder to find ways to improve learning outcomes.

Stay tuned for more Summit photos!