VIPKID CEO Cindy Mi Visits US Congress to Announce Cross-Border Education Partnership


VIPKID CEO Cindy Mi visited the US Congress to announce a three-year partnership with the US-China Strong Foundation.

The partnership aims to inspire and empower every child for the future while strengthening the US-China relationship through language learning.

But Cindy did not travel to Washington alone. VIPKID reached out to 10 teachers from the DC area, who joined her at the event.

Congressman Rick Larsen, who co-chairs the bipartisan Congressional US-China Working Group, welcomed Cindy at the Capitol.

Cindy joined a panel discussion about education without borders. Marty Abott, from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, said that “43 states have language teacher shortages”.

David Plack, from the US Department of State, said “US-China is the most consequential bilateral relationship,” and noted that one third of the one million international students in the US are from China.

The visit to the Capitol was just one part of Cindy’s recent US trip, where she also attended the VIPKID community’s first regional conference, Journey. 

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