Introducing the VIPKID Brand Ambassador Program

One of the most unique aspects of teaching with VIPKID is the dedicated, engaged community of teachers who come together, share resources, and support each other online. From YouTube to Facebook to the Hutong (our very own internal VIPKID forum) there are countless places where teachers can connect and share ideas.

As we grow and evolve as a company and a community, it’s increasingly important that VIPKID teachers—and those considering taking the leap—have access to reliable, accurate, and interesting content to support you through this journey.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with a handful of VIPKID teachers to deliver a special set of teacher resources. Meet our VIPKID Brand Ambassadors: MichaelNancyAngela, and Erika

We’ll be working closely with our new Brand Ambassadors to bring you fresh content on the topics most important to you. Of course, their creativity and ideas are all their own—our role is simply to make sure the information you’re seeing is factual and up-to-date. 

You’ll recognize these approved videos by the “VIPKID Brand Ambassador” flag in the top left corner, which means you can trust we’ve double-checked the accuracy of the content. Follow Michael, Nancy, and Angela on YouTube to stay in the loop, and check out some of the newest videos below.

Creating an Effective Intro Video

Brand Ambassador and Teacher Michael shows you how to make an engaging intro video for your VIPKID profile. He shares his biggest advice for an authentic introduction, how to prepare for recording your video, and what types of information to include. No editing is required, and you can even do it in one take!

Increasing Your Bookings

Whether you’re new to VIPKID or are just hoping to ramp up your schedule, this video from Teacher Nancy provides a collection of tried-and-true ways to increase bookings. She answers common questions, discusses the importance of feedback, and helps bring clarity to the booking process from a parent’s perspective.

Understanding the VIPKID Interview Process

If you’re considering joining the VIPKID community as a teacher—or you’re an existing teacher racking up those referrals—it’s vital to have a handle on the teacher application and interview process. Teacher Angela walks through each step, offering tips along the way. She discusses what to expect from the VIPKID teaching style, preparing for demo and mock classes, and more.

Teaching and Travelling

One perk of teaching ESL online is that you can hold classes from anywhere you like. That makes it possible to earn money while travelling, or to take a trip when you like. However, there are some details to remember. Teacher Erika gives her tips for teaching while on-the-go, including packing props and scheduling classes. 

Earn up to $22 an Hour Teaching English from Home