VIPKid Sprints Past 5-Year Anniversary Mark

VIPKid 5
Celebrating VIPKid's 5th anniversary

On Oct. 18, VIPKid celebrated its 5th anniversary by inviting over 1000 staff from our Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, and Chengdu offices to a sports stadium for a day of teamwork and athletic competition. This VIPKid Olympiad included a relay race, a 6km marathon, a tug-of-war, and speeches from our students and founders.

“What’s the thing that makes you proudest in the last five years? For me, it’s our teams.” said CEO and founder Cindy Mi.

“I am looking forward to the day when we can all look back and be proud of the work we’ve done. Why can human beings make a better world? Because we have education and wisdom.”

VIPKid staff

Students got the chance to talk about how learning English with VIPKid gave them more than just a new language, but also the confidence that comes with it. After that, VIPKid’s own in-house athletes ran, relayed, and pulled their way to glory.

(In case you were wondering, the team from Dalian, in Northeast China, won the tug-of-war.)

VIPKid run


  1. Happy Anniversary! I have just returned to the US from a 2 month stay in Wuxi, China where I met a number of families who have their kids studying with VIPKID. I was so happy to hear such good things about VIPKID from the Chinese parents….

  2. Great moments celebrating VIPKid’s 5th Anniversary from the pictures and video captured in this blog. I’m so lucky to be able to work for this company.

  3. Happy anniversay, VIPkid! I never thought I could “travel to China everyday” to teach ESL when I earned my degree over 20 years ago. Now, thanks to the internet and VIPkid, I do just that! I will see you in Beijing and Shanghai in March, 2019!!

  4. Happy Fifth Anniversary! THE best job in the entire world. I love the students. They are really incredible. So motivated! So polite! So talented!

    The company has been a blessing to so many! Thank you for making it possible to have a rewarding job that we can be passionate about.

  5. Wow! What a fantastic journey for VIPKIDS. I live in Augusta Georgia and I am working with Chinese children whose parents are attending Medical College of Georgia. I have been able to teach six classes with Chinese children on-line who are trying Vipkids. Kathryn R. Jones

  6. Happy Anniversary, VIPKID! Thank you for allowing me to teach your sons and daughters. Not only am I the teacher, but they are my teacher!

  7. I just figured out my new 5 year goal: To retire from teaching and my brick and mortar school in 2021 (my son will graduate from college that year) and plan a trip to Beijing in October 2023 to be there for the 10 year anniversary! Happy anniversary VIPKid! Thank you for creating such a wonderful place for students and teachers!


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