Travelling Jobs That Can Cover Your Trip Expenses

While the amount you spend on a trip is dependent on the destination and the itinerary, traveling is typically a costly endeavor for anyone. In fact, it is often the costs of travel that dissuade the average person from hopping on a plane, and going to their own version of paradise. This is why the majority of people have to save up their vacation days for work, apply for VISAs, and arrange a number of troublesome things.

Some people, on the other hand, may be looking for an opportunity to travel around the world for an expected period of time without worrying about any responsibilities back home, and most of all – difficulties with cash flow. In this case, it may be prudent to find a way to supplement one’s travel costs by working while traveling. The biggest problem travelers may encounter when looking for jobs is finding one which doesn’t have a significant time commitment.

The following are just a some of the many part-time jobs that you can get while traveling abroad:

Teach English

teach english

You should be able to find a part-time job teaching or tutoring students in English. This is a great option, because these types of jobs don’t require a great deal of experience, a significant time commitment, or even the ability to speak the local language. Most English teachers are encouraged to use only English when they’re in the middle of teaching, in fact. So, next time you visit a country like Japan or Cambodia, do a quick search online for available English teaching jobs in the area.

Work Exchange

work exchange

Nowadays, there are many apps and websites which allow people to work abroad with just an online registration. In exchange for your services, your employer will either provide money, food, and/or shelter. Most of these organizations vet the applicants and the employers, which minimizes the risk of anyone trying to cheat the system.

Some examples of these types of organizations include, but are not limited to, HelpX, WWOOFing, Workaway, etc.


This may be a bit more difficult, and may require a mid-to-long term contract, but not only will this result in a higher salary than simply teaching English, but it will also be a valuable experience, and can involve learning more about the local culture. A potential obstacle in getting a job as a translator abroad is that it requires that you know the native tongue of the region.

This may be too difficult for most travellers, but is a good choice with those with an advanced second language proficiency. 



It’s no secret that travel blogging is one of the most lucrative ways of capitalizing on your experiences abroad. Not only do you get to share your adventures with a wide audience, you may be able to profit, and supplement your travel expenses with the money you earn from advertisements on your blog.

For anyone looking to make traveling their career, they should consider travel blogging, as it has the most potential out of all these part-time jobs in becoming a worthwhile and fulfilling career. Its main detractor, however, is that there is no guarantee that you will find success with your blog, and even if you do, your profit may not be enough to cover your travel costs. Furthermore, as a primary income generator, it is not the most consistent, or stable source of income.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

As minimum wage is increases in 1st world countries, more and more employers are choosing to utilize virtual assistants, instead of the traditional system of employing an assistant to attend to their every need in their office. As a virtual assistant, you’ll be mostly tasked with setting and scheduling appointments, vetting emails, and other miscellaneous duties.

This option is popular amongst frequent travelers, as it doesn’t require leaving the comforts of one’s hotel to go to an office, and it’s not as time consuming as other job opportunities. Furthermore, your employer doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same time zone, and you can plan your schedule in such a way that you’ll spend the day and most of the evening exploring the area, while finishing your nights by virtually assisting an employer in a completely different time zone.

Travel Photography

travel photography

Perhaps the most attractive of all these options, many travelers choose to make their hobby into their main source of income for funding their journey abroad. Travel photography can be done through a post on Instagram, and hoping for enough likes that some promoters will view you as an influencer, or you can sell your photographs to a travel agency.

The pay can range from modest to outright life-changing. Some people become so accomplished as travel photographers that they never return to their old jobs, and become full-time travel photographers. However, like travel blogging, this is a risky source of income, and if you want something more stable, then photography shouldn’t be your main occupation during your travels.


Not technically a job, but still something to consider. There are many organizations accepting volunteers around the world (Red Cross, Peace Corps, etc.), which offer to cover your travel expenses, in exchange for your time and effort in service of the charity. This is an amazing opportunity, because you get the chance to see more of the world, while helping others throughout the entire time.

However, it is also the most challenging out of all these options, as it requires a long-term commitment, and you have little-to-no control over your destination. Therefore, this option is not for everybody, but if you can accept these drawbacks, then volunteer work for a charity organization of your choice is the perfect choice for you.

These are just some of the many ways that you can earn money while traveling, and proves that you don’t necessarily have to live off of your savings during your stay abroad. Don’t let financial concerns stop you from achieving your dream of seeing more of the world. Consult this list, and start your journey!