Top Side Hustles This Summer

Some of the best ways to make a lil’ dough on the side (without sacrificing too much beach time)

Summer is just around the corner, which means a lot of good things are coming our way. The only thing left to think about is how to fund an exclusive summertime diet of popsicles and Haagen Dazs.

The answer is through side hustles.

Side hustling and summer are like celery and ranch – they might not have been made to go together, but they kinda just do. Thanks to the internet, opportunities to make money on the side have also become so prolific, they don’t even have to be “side” hustles at all… they can very well become your “main” hustle instead.

We’ve made a list of some of the more interesting ways to make money this summer. And, in a nostalgic nod to our all-time favorite popsicle, we’ve even calculated how many Otter Pops an hour of work can get you in each job.

Teaching English Online

Otter Pops per hour: 115 (about $22)

So, we’re a little biased here but… teaching, tutoring, and teaching a second language, are all frequently cited as being the best means of earning cash on the side. So why not combine all three?

Teaching online through platforms such as VIPKid, allows you the freedom to work from your living room, and the flexibility to do it only when your favorite shows aren’t on TV. Not only is there a relatively easy learning curve, but since you’re connecting with students directly, there is also the opportunity to build-up a pool of regular students – turning your side hustle into a regular income!

Do Online Surveys

Otter Pops per hour: 20-30 ($4-$6)

Online surveys have a slightly lower Otter Pop potential, but the beauty is they are easy. How easy? Like, sitting on the couch and answering questions about how often you brush your dog easy. Online surveys come in more shapes and sizes than your child’s excuses for not having a bath, and if you have time to kill during the day, why not use it to earn a few extra bucks? Sites like Swagbucks are a good place to start.

Sell Your Hair

Otter Pops per hour: around 2600 (about $500, but only once)

This one comes with a parental advisory sticker. Selling your hair does not mean pawning off the handful of loose strands that fall out with a vigorous combing. No, we’re talking chopping off a good 15” of those luscious locks. But the returns are high. The best wigs are made of human hair (makes sense right), and if you’re lucky enough to be graced with Rapunzel-like head foliage, there’s a good chance there’s a wig maker out there ready to pay you big bucks. Check out sites like Hairsellon and get your clippers ready.

Advertise on your Car

Otter Pops per hour: 52 (around $0.25 per mile)

If you’re going to be spending all day in your car, you may as well get paid for it right? No, we’re not talking about Lyft or Uber, we’re talking about turning your car into a moving billboard. This usually entails having your car wrapped in stickers (so you’re not stuck with a Geico car for the rest of eternity), and then being paid for the number of miles driven. The best part is, if your paint is looking a little worn out, getting it wrapped with sponsorship kills two birds with one stone! Interested? Check out Carvertise.

Build Furniture for People (and other stuff)

Otter Pops per hour: 100-150 (around $20-$30 per hour)

If the best part of going to IKEA is getting home to assemble it all, then this one is for you. It may sound unfathomable, but there are actually people out there who will not only give up the opportunity to screw together a Kallax, but will even pay somebody else to do it! Weird times we live in. Check out sites like Taskrabbit and benefit from other people’s laziness today!

Side hustles for the win!