The Spookiest Halloween EVER!

“To me, Halloween is all about children and magic. Because of this holiday, I learned what makes VIPKID students so magical… I was so very impressed at how patient and understanding these young children were… Incredible!”

By Wendy Yudkovitch (aka The Wicked Witch of VipkidVille) [[MORE]]

I have to be honest; Halloween wasn’t always my favorite holiday. When I was younger, I didn’t like dressing up because I was afraid I would be teased. I was afraid to look silly. I was also scared that I wouldn’t have anyone to go “trick or treating” with. I feared Halloween a lot, but not for the traditional reasons.

But that all changed when I became a teacher. As a teacher in the public system in my home town, I got to learn about different cultures and religions. Slowly, I began to love all holidays, including Halloween because I was able to experience and share those holidays with my students. After all, isn’t sharing customs and traditions with others that special thing that makes them meaningful and so important to begin with? Holidays bring everyone together!

This year, I was really looking forward to Halloween. I bought masks, bunny ears, a witch’s hat and more. I have more costumes than I can wear! Halloween is one special day where you can pretend to be anyone you want. You can be Superman, Spiderman, a tiger, ketchup or even feet (Yes, feet. Because, why not?).  And don’t we all want to escape reality sometimes? I enjoy teaching at VIPKID because I get to escape into amazing stories and become cool characters when I roleplay with my students.  What I love the most is that I get to share those experiences with my amazing VIPKID students.

So, I really wanted to share this holiday with my VIPKID students. I wanted to teach them my favorite little Halloween poem, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”. It seemed very appropriate for our body part trial lesson and to teach the “ea” sound (treat, feet, eat, read, etc.). I hoped the poem would make my students laugh.  The idea of smelling anyone’s feet is just hysterical to me. Teaching at VIPKID has brought me out of my shell and it has made me want to be silly. My goal is to make my students happy because when they have fun, I have fun. But then something awful happened that ruined my plans …

This year was the spookiest Halloween ever. It wasn’t scary because of witches, ghosts, vampires, goblins, bats, spiders, or even skeletons. It was scary because my students couldn’t hear me at all. It made me feel so sad to see my students so disappointed and their parents so frustrated. During one class with no sound, I was supposed to teach the story which includes the sentences, “What can we do? What can Ben and I do? We can do this.” However, it felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do. I wish I was a witch and I could have made a special spell to bring back the sound, but that was not reality.

To me, Halloween is all about children and magic. Because of this holiday, I learned what makes VIPKID students so magical. Despite the technical issues, my students kept working and learning. I was so very impressed at how patient and understanding these young children were. They continued to work hard and they tried their very best even though they couldn’t hear me. Incredible! I had students who continued to read to me, because they knew I could hear them. They completed all of the activities, while I smiled and gave them stars to reassure them and show them that they were correct. Maybe we were all under a special spell after all? A spell that taught me that teaching a language is not merely about teaching the alphabet, but also about teaching my students about appropriate behavior and important values.  In addition, my VIPKID students taught me as well.  They showed me what it means to have a great attitude because they definitely had the right attitude! Whatever potion they concoct, I want to drink all of it!

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