The Positive Effects of Working on Your Own Time

You and I are the same.

We are both humans and for the most part we look, act and feel in similar ways. Except we’re not really all that similar are we?

I place peanuts on the arsenic side of the food spectrum, while you guzzle peanut butter right out of the pot. Some people’s best thinking is done during a relaxing hot bath, while others need the deadline-induced panic monster to force their minds away from a casual meandering down procrastination lane. Some of us like the idea of waking up at 8am in the morning and commuting to work, others… not so much.

The point here is that although we’re ostensibly all part of the same species of nervous, fleshy, sleepy beings that like to overthink things too much, we’re actually very very different. Yet so often our professional lives have been set up in ways that mimic a watertight routine… for robots.

Yet robots we are not.

The result of this bizarre definition of what a working day “should look like” is that while some of us are perfectly suited to it, a large portion of others find themselves endlessly frustrated. You while away time imaging all the productive things you could be doing at home, feeling chronically exhausted, or just looking at your keyboard not thinking about much in particular.

This is why the advent of being able to work from home is truly a revolution in the way we are able to manage our own time.  It is a fundamental shift in time management that moves away from “fitting in” to a system that doesn’t always suit your needs, towards “creating” a system specifically suited to your needs.

And this kind of situation comes with a whole host of benefits too.

You Have More Energy

Maybe going to bed at 3am and waking up at 11am is just your thing. Or maybe you’re the ultimate early riser, but fade before the 8 o’clock news. Working from home means the freedom to adjust your schedule around your energy cycles… which are unique to you. Imagine a day where for every 2 hours of work, you could recharge with a 45-minute nap. It’s not crazy to imagine it, what’s crazy is to not do it.

You Eat Healthier

Eating at the office means either lugging around an embarrassing Tupperware full of something that really should have been tossed out last night, or succumbing to the office ritual of heading down to the double-bacon corn dog stand with the gang. Healthy. Working from home means your entire kitchen is at your disposal for your every meal. No more dodgy Tupperware, just good, wholesome, home-cooked meals.

You Learn More

Although 15 year-old you would never believe this, one of the things adults crave the most, is the time to learn more and improve themselves. While most people will gladly spend 3 hours casually surfing through inane websites and Youtube videos at work (two and a half hours on average to be exact), most people will never use this wasted time to do anything productive. Bizarrely, most people feel guilty when putting their time towards non-work related things… except if its just wasting time of course. In your home this all changes and your spare time can truly become useful time.

You Can Adjust Your Schedule

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you. The final episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired last night, and you’re feeling a little more emotional than usual this morning. You don’t have a solid reason, but you just feel like this morning would be better spent petting your dog, and you’ll come in hot for work in the afternoon. How do you think this would go down with your boss? Working from home however, this perfectly rational line of thinking is not only accepted, but encouraged. Because who doesn’t just need some doggy down time once in a while?

Working from home is not having free reign to live in a state of permanent play. It comes with its own set of challenges, responsibilities and needs that must be met. But for many people, fulfilling the responsibilities of work without the added stress of conforming to a structure that does not suit them brings with it all sorts of new and positive elements to their day.