The Future of Language & Learning with Dr. Ntihirageza

Dr. Ntihirageza sits right of VIPKid host in a chair as the cameraman sets up the shot for the interview about ESL teachers.

One of the core beliefs and guiding principles here at VIPKid is that education—as both a pursuit and philosophy—is indeed a learning process. From new technologies to new observations, we believe contemporary teachers are always adapting to keep pace with an ever-changing world and worldview. And while the basic tenants of study remain the same, the classrooms of today are rapidly evolving into the global classrooms of tomorrow. In our new Thought Leadership Series, we are highlighting those professionals and luminaries around the world, that are helping to shape this modern-day landscape of learning, with affirmative and thought-provoking action.

For our inaugural episode, we caught up with esteemed Dr. Jeanine Ntihirageza at this year’s VIPKid Journey Chicago. As Professor and Coordinator of TESOL at Northeastern Illinois University, Dr. Ntihirageza holds her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Chicago and her MA from Southern Illinois University. This year she was awarded, in collaboration with members of the Multilingual Learning Center leadership team and Zahra Institute, a National Endowment for Humanities grant to start a Kurdish Language and Culture Studies at her current institution. Dr. Ntihirageza has dedicated her life to teaching and was gracious enough to discuss a wide variety of topics with us, including tips for first-time ESL teachers, language as a bridge between cultures, her hopes for the future of global education and what motivated her to become an educator.

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