The Definitive Guide to Why You’ll Love Teaching with VIPKid

Whether you’re in search of a side gig, a new career path, a hobby, or a way to change the world, you can find it here. Curious if teaching with VIPKid is the right fit for you? Here are the definitive reasons why you’ll love this job—straight from our teacher community!

Travel to China every day.

Teaching with VIPKid means you’ll be transported across an ocean every morning—without ever having to step on a plane. Our unique model of one-to-one online education takes you into the homes of your students, giving you a unique perspective on their lives. You’ll learn about the traditions and values of Chinese families and get to share part of your own culture with your students.

Our teachers form authentic relationships with their students and families. In fact, some teachers actually do travel all the way to China to meet their students in person! The bonds you make while teaching with VIPKid may last a lifetime.

This journey with VIPkid has connected my family to the Chinese culture. We are learning Chinese now and love the people. One of my daughters has become friends with one of my sweet students. I just love the relationships that I am building with families on the other side of the world. Families and culture that I knew very little about prior to working for VIPKid. – Teacher Kelly


Join an ultra-passionate community.

This community is unlike any other you’ll encounter in online education. VIPKid teachers are eager, involved, and devoted to their students and each other. When you sign up to teach with VIPKid, you’ll have the support of mentors, coaches, and colleagues—not only to answer your newbie questions, but also to inspire and motivate you every day. Our teachers organize hundreds of in-person meetups every year across the country, from picnics to baseball games to bowling outings. And even when you’re at home on your couch, you’re never alone. With the support of engaging online forums and teacher-led workshops, the tools you need to be successful are right at your fingertips.

Cindy Mi founded VIPKid with a simple mission to use a global classroom to create global citizens. Though accomplishing this mission is anything but simple, VIPKid teachers form an incredible community of people dedicated to a shared goal.

Along my path I’ve met a community of teachers that are like family. I’ve been given an opportunity to continue to grow my professional skill set while supporting other teachers. Being a part of this company is inspirational because we are working as one to do great and meaningful things. We are literally changing lives and ultimately, we are changing the future of our world. – Teacher Kristen


Wear your yoga pants to work.

Skip the commute and bad office coffee. When you teach online with VIPKid, you can work from the comfort of your own home, in whichever pair of yoga pants feels coziest that day. Our teachers come from all walks of life and circumstances. They’re stay-at-home parents, homeschoolers, retirees, caretakers, digital nomads, full-time educators, and side hustlers. And they all get to work from their own space, on their own time.

As a VIPKid teacher, you are your own boss. You’ll choose the hours and days of the week when you work. You’ll create your own classroom and decide how to engage students with unique (maybe handmade!) props and rewards. It’s not a job for those lacking self-motivation… but if you’re in search of flexibility and autonomy, this might be the role for you.

When I heard about VIPKid, I felt like I had found a job created just for me! Not only can I do what I love, I can be there for my family when they need me during the day. This is the perfect job for me! – Teacher Jennie


Make an impact.

So many of us are in search of a job that doesn’t just pay the bills, but can help us feel fulfilled and inspired by our daily work. It’s a noble goal, but one that can be hard to carve out for oneself with competing priorities in life. At VIPKid, every day you’ll know the impact of your work. Yes, you’ll probably still need a giant cup of coffee to get you moving in the morning—who doesn’t?!—but you’ll also wake up feeling inspired, motivated, and confident in the impact you’re having on the world.

I cannot say enough how grateful I am to VIPKid, my students, and their wonderful families. Every day, I am filled with joy to be able to connect with each student and help them grow to become confident learners. My mornings consist of smiles and laughter, students grinning from ear-to-ear as they introduce their younger siblings to me in English, and mothers proudly looking on as their children gain independence. – Teacher Jenifer


Hone your teaching skills.

Though it’s not a prerequisite, many VIPKid teachers come from an education background, including brick-and-mortar teachers, administrators, English language specialists, and even homeschoolers. And yet even with a robust background in the world of schooling, many of our teachers still tell us that this opportunity has expanded their skill set and often reignited a love of teaching.

Our curriculum emphasizes teaching strategies like TPR (total physical response) and the use of thoughtfully-implemented rewards systems to help motivate students. Teaching with VIPKid can give you a new perspective on education, reminding us all of the fundamentals of human nature and learning.

I love how VIPKid has brought me back to phonics instruction, just as I learned to read. I’ve also learned to be more patient and accepting of the differences in my three children. I’m learning to truly embrace their individual needs. – Teacher Carey


Teach from an RV in the desert.

Calling all travel addicts… this one’s for you. With VIPKid, you can teach from anywhere with stable WiFi, including your kitchen table, a hotel in Buenos Aires, or yes, an RV in Texas. Our model means you can impact a child’s life without being confined to a brick-and-mortar classroom—or a particular city, for that matter.

I love that my classroom goes with me. I can teach from anywhere, but my regular students get to feel like they are in a familiar place. As a bonus, I can quickly put my whole classroom away when heading out for an adventure. – Teacher Holly


Be heard.

VIPKid works with thousands of teachers and students around the world, and we’re just getting started! In the next three years, we plan to expand to over 100 countries around the world and develop a variety of new product lines to inspire and educate children from PreK – Grade 12. But we can’t do it alone.

As we grow and evolve as a company, many of the decisions we make are guided by feedback and insights from our teacher community. Through internal forums, regular surveys, and open communication avenues, we listen to our teachers and value their input across the business. Teaching with us means you’ll have an opportunity to make your voice heard, while having a genuine influence on the development of a groundbreaking education technology platform.

They truly take our suggestions and concerns into account and make changes. Like real, solid changes! They are not just some huge company on the other side of the world … I love that about them. – Teacher Mary


Make a new friend. Or a few hundred.

Joining the VIPKid community doesn’t just mean you’ll have support. You might also build a whole new network of confidants and companions. Teachers have developed friendships in their communities at home and virtually. Many have even connected with their students’ families, forming bonds across oceans and cultures. Our HQ teams in Beijing and San Francisco have made lifelong friendships. And around the world we’ve celebrated milestones together.

What I found was more than a job, it is more like a family around the world. I adore my regular students and feel loved and welcomed like family each week! – Teacher Jill


Earn money!

VIPKid teachers can make up to $22/hour. Whether you’re paying off student loans, yearning for a little extra spending money, or need a primary income source, the amount you make with VIPKid is up to you. (See: “Be your own boss.”)

Because of this job, my husband and I will pay off our car after only having it for two years, move into our forever home, and pay for his citizenship in the United States. Yes VIPKid, we can indeed accomplish hard things. – Teacher Jaquelynne

For some, income may be the main motivation for signing up—and that’s A-OK. But trust us when we tell you that once you start teaching with VIPKid this “job” will become more than just a paycheck. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Ready to get started? Learn more and sign up to teach here.