How to Get a Job Teaching English in Peru 2019 Guide

Teach English in Peru

Peru – A great destination for teaching abroad

If you are an English language teacher who is looking to teach abroad, then you should consider Peru as a viable option. The country is famous for its Amazon jungles, Mancora beaches, mountains in Cusco and the glaciers found all over the Andes. The amazing sites and the ancient culture found in Peru make the country attractive for both tourists and expats.

Due to the increasing tourism industry Peru’s economy is booming and the country is seeing a lot of international interest. This has made people in Peru realize the importance of English as a main tool for communication. In order to remain relevant in the international market, Peruvians are eager to polish on their English language skills. Many institutes in Peru have included English language in their curriculum and there is a lot of demand for English language teachers in the country.

What qualifications do you need to teach English in Peru?

In order to become an English teacher in Peru, you will need the following qualifications:

  • TEFL certification is a must to teach English in any institute in Peru.
  • Some institutes will require a Bachelor’s degree. A degree is not mandatory but it will play a key role in helping you secure a better job with a higher salary.
  • Some international schools and higher academic level jobs in the country may require you to have a teaching license from a recognized institution.
  • Having previous teaching experience can further help you in finding a job. However, not having any experience is not the end of the line for you, you can still get entry-level and even better jobs. A TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certification can make up for your lack of experience.
  • Most of the institutions prefer native speakers as English teachers, therefore, if you have no experience and a degree, then being a native speaker may still give you an edge over your competitors.

Visa requirements to teach English in Peru

There are three ways which can enable you to enter Peru and teach English as a Foreign Language by working with an educational institution:

  • Tourist or Visit Visa – Obtaining a visit visa is a straightforward process. You apply for a visit visa at the embassy in your country along with the necessary documents. Once approved, you can get tourist visa for 90 days and enter Peru.

Remember, a tourist visa does not allow you to work legally in the country. However, many people use it to enter the country and then search for work. Once they find a job, they apply for work visa. You will need a valid passport, copy of your work contract, application payment receipt along with an application to change your immigration status. These documents will have to be submitted to the country’s immigration department. You are also required to give an address outside Peru where your visa will be sent once the application is approved. The address is needed because you cannot have a change of status within the country and you have to leave Peru and then re-enter the country with your work visa.

  • Business Visa – Business visa is also granted for 90 days. In order to get business visa, your employer will give you the list of all the paperwork that you will have to submit. Once the business visa is approved, you will be required required to enter Peru and visit the country’s General Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization, where you will submit a work visa application with your employer’s assistance.

Though, the process and duration of both tourist and work visa is quite similar, however the advantage of getting a business visa is that you don’t have to leave the country to get your work visa. You can change your status within the country.

  • Border Hop – Another method commonly used by expats to work in Peru is border hop. People enter the country on tourist visa for 90 days and then border hop to a neighbouring country to renew the visa for another 90 days. Although, this method is common, however it is not a legal way to work in Peru.

What type of English teaching jobs can you find in Peru?

  • Private language schools – Private language schools are very common in Peru especially in cities like Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo. These cities have many North American and British private language schools and they are always looking to hire English language teachers. Most students at language schools are business professionals and adults who are looking to improve their English language skills.
          • Salary and benefits
            • You can expect to earn $5 per hour while working at private language schools.
            • You can earn more by teaching for more hours.
  • International schools – International schools hire teachers who have a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. A previous teaching experience can be an added asset. You can get a job at International schools even before entering Peru, which is not common with other institutes. However, finding a job and getting hired at international schools is not an easy process because of their higher standards and fierce competition. If you are lucky to secure a job at an International school, the institute will help you with your work visa so you can work legally in the country. You will also be expected to sign a minimum of 2 year contract with the school.
          • Salary and benefits
            • International schools offer the highest salary to its teachers. You can expect to earn around $20,000 USD per year.
            • International schools also offer benefits, like housing, paid vacation, transport and health.
  • Private tuition – Salaries of English teachers in Peru are not as great as offered by some of the other non-native countries. Therefore, many teachers offer private tuition to supplement their regular income. Even though, it is a great way to earn extra money but finding private students can be somewhat difficult. You will have to first establish yourself as a good teacher and then spread the word about your availability. However, once you build your network then private tutoring can turn into a very lucrative second job for you.
          • Salary and benefits
            • Private tuition can pay as much as $20 USD per hour.
            • You can take as many students as you like and work at your own convenience.
            • One downside of private tutoring is that you are not offered any benefits, such as accommodation, transportation, paid vacation leaves, or health care etc., from the employer. However, if you have a regular day job that offers these benefits, then you will not have to worry about them.
  • Public schools – Public schools in Peru range from elementary to middle and high schools and they hire English teachers for all grade levels. These schools not only hire teachers, they also give them the necessary training to understand the teaching culture and methods. The schools offer assistance with moving and also provide the teachers with the curriculum to plan the lessons.
        • Salary and benefits
          • Public schools pay around $1,300 USD per month. The pay can vary depending on the city they are located in.
          • Some schools might provide assistance with accommodation.
  • Volunteering in Peru – Fresh graduates often choose to volunteer free of cost or as paid interns in Peru because there are many underprivileged children in the country that can benefit from Peru’s volunteering programs. As a volunteer you can take up short-term packages that can last anywhere from 5 weeks to 6 months.
      • Some of the programs include:
      • Maximo Nivel
      • IFRE Volunteers
      • New Hope Volunteers
      • Projects Abroad
          • Salary and benefits
            • The volunteer positions are free of cost and you don’t get any salary, however as paid interns you can get $550 USD per month.
            • Volunteering to teach English in Peru can give you international experience. You are not required to have any prior experience. A degree is not required and you can work even if you just have a TEFL certificate.

Teach English in Peru through Meddeas

A Spanish organization, Meddeas has its presence in around six different countries. It provides assistance to bilingual teaching in different language institutions in order to help the local students improve their English and speak it as a foreign language. Through this program you can teach in a private school located in Lima, the capital city of Peru. You will get the following benefits:

  • A monthly salary, which will be according to the policy of the school where you will be deployed.
  • The program will help you relocating to Peru to teach English
  • You will get initial training, which will not only help you become better acquainted with the teaching culture in Peru but will also make your resume more attractive.   

Things to look for before moving to Peru

Before you make the big decision to relocate to Peru and leave your home country, you should take some time to do research on the basic things such as accommodation, transportation and healthcare etc. You must find out the basic cost of living so that you can compare it to your salary and plan your budget.

Here are a few things that you need to know before you move to Peru:

  • Housing – The cost of living in Peru is quite low as it is considered to be one of Latin America’s most affordable countries. You can easily find a shared apartment for $200 USD per month in Peru. There are other affordable options available if sharing an apartment is not what you are looking for. Many teachers opt to live with host families. It not only gives the opportunity to closely observe the local culture and lifestyle but is also an inexpensive way to stay in Peru. Staying at a host family’s house will include meals and, therefore, you can save on groceries.  
  • Transportation – Transportation in Peru is also quite affordable. You can take an hour long bus ride for just $2 USD. Going around the cities on a bus is cheap and convenient and you don’t really need to travel by taxi or private cars.
  • Language – The official language of Peru is Spanish and it can get a little hard to move around the country if you do not know it at all. Although the number of people who can converse in English is gradually increasing in the country, however, knowing basic Spanish will be beneficial as it will help you communicate better with your students and other locals. Despite the comfort it can offer, knowing Spanish is not mandatory for teaching English as a Foreign Language in Peru.
  • Food and grocery – You can easily find all types of foods and groceries in the local super markets at competitive prices. Local items and brands will be cheaper than imported things but overall the food and grocery in Peru is inexpensive and quite affordable. Knowing where to shop will help you a lot in saving more money.
  • Healthcare – Healthcare is also very cheap in Peru. A doctor’s visit can sot you around $12 USD, which is quite an insignificant amount. The over-the-counter medicines are available at pharmacies at affordable prices. Although, medical is not expensive but it is highly advisable that you, as an expat, invest in a healthcare insurance program, which does not cost more than $100 USD per month.

Is teaching English as a second language a good career option?

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. It is considered to be the global language and is used extensively for professional and social purposes. Considering its importance, it is not a surprise that non-native speakers are putting in more effort to become fluent in English. Many countries are encouraging their citizens, especially the younger generation, to learn English for their economic and cultural growth. Learning English can open up more opportunities for global citizens. This demand to learn the language, has created a great job market for English teachers from all over the world. Different governments have initiated programs that invite both native and non-native qualified teachers to teach in both private and public sector.

How can you teach English internationally without relocating?

Teaching English online is a great way of gaining international experience without having to move to a foreign country. One of the best ways to teach online is to find a reputable language school that offers a great salary, such as VIPKID – a TEFL platform that has established itself as the largest online school.

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is an online website that teaches English to students residing in China. VIPKID connects around 500,000 Chinese students with more than 60,000 English teachers residing in the United States or Canada. As soon as you get hired by VIPKID you can start giving one-on-one classes to your students from the comfort of your house.

Benefits of working with VIPKID

  • International experience – Working with VIPKID can give you access to students in China, which means you can gain international teaching experience without moving to a foreign country. Getting this opportunity is ideal for teachers who wish to teach English as a Foreign Language but do not have enough experience.
  • No hassle – Working with VIPKID is a smooth and hassle free process. You don’t have to worry about getting visas or finding the right job. All you have to do is apply online and start working as soon as your application gets approved by VIPKID.
  • High salary – VIPKID pays from $7 to $22 per lesson and you can also get other incentives, which can drive your salary even higher. The rules are simple, the more students you take the more you can earn and there is absolutely no restriction, you can teach as many students as you like and work either full-time or part-time.
  • Get paid immediately – VIPKID does not wait until the end of the month to pay its teachers. As soon as you are done delivering a lesson, your pay gets transferred to you though the website’s online payment program. The efficiency of the payment system and its higher salaries make VIPKID an ideal option for those teachers who are looking for a secondary source of income to earn and save more money.
  • VIPKID provides you with the teaching material – Anyone who has ever taught as a private tutor will tell you that gathering authentic teaching material is one of the toughest parts of the job. However, with VIPKID you simply do not have to worry about spending countless hours on searching for teaching material. All the necessary material is given to you prior to your class and you just have to prepare your lesson and deliver it.
  • Flexibility – Working with VIPKID is not like a 9 to 5 job as the platform allows you to work as many hours as you like. You can choose to work in the morning or evening depending on your schedule and preference.

What are the requirements to work with VIPKID?

You will need to have the following requirements to become an English teacher on VIPKID:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A year of working with or teaching children
  • You have to be a US or Canadian citizen


Teaching English is a great career choice in today’s day and time as more non-native countries are making efforts to incorporate the language in their schools and other institutes. The international market for English language teachers is booming and there are ample opportunities for English teachers to find work around the world.

Although, moving to a foreign country can sound like a great idea but there are many things that one needs to take into consideration before making the move.

If you are an English teacher who is looking to gain international experience without wanting to move another country, then VIPKID is your answer. You can teach English to students in China from your own house and all you need is a computer and high speed internet service. VIPKID finds students for you and lets you connect with them online. You can start working without worrying about moving to a new place, finding work, applying for work visas or finding accommodation. VIPKID is a great option for teaching English online.