Taking a Chance

By Kimberly Grisé


When first he entered in my class,

He sat back in his chair.

Expressionless and unenthused,

He didn’t seem to care.

I jumped and waved, varied my voice,

Yet he remained in seat.

There was no method that I found

To bring him to his feet.

A month had passed before I saw

A smile break ’cross his face,

Then giggled did he (once or twice) –

A change which I embraced!

Today a break! He took a risk,

But first looked left and right…

He raised his arms and danced and sang;

His face was lit up bright.

When learning new vocab’lary,

Excitement he displayed;

He RAN to his guitar and ink

Then former one he played!

With instruments and props in use

We had ourselves great fun!

I’m now left thinking that our course

Has only just begun.


Kimberly has been teaching with VIPKID since April 2015. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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