The 12 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

Summer gives teachers a unique opportunity not only to take it easy and have a rest, but also to earn extra money.

Most school districts give teachers the option to spread their pay throughout a 12-month calendar year instead of just the 9 months that class is in session. But regardless of if you work that into your budget, it’s always good to have a steady stream of income during the summer.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some summer jobs for teachers that are definitely worth your attention if you are looking for ways to earn more income. If you’re someone with a teaching background looking for a job, we’ve also covered part-time jobs for teachersalternative jobs for teachers and jobs for retired teachers in previous posts.

These are the best summer jobs for teachers

Summer Camps

Summer camps offer teachers great summer teaching jobs that involve both work and travel. For example, English language teachers who are native speakers can teach English abroad to foreign students. They can also work at summer camps for overseas students in their home country. Summer camps also offer some extracurricular activities that any teacher can handle due to their organizational skills.

Online Tutoring

summer jobs for teachers

Many prospective graduates prepare for entrance examinations to high schools, colleges and universities in the summer. You can benefit from this as a teacher by offering individual online classes. This is one of the best summer jobs for teachers, as it allows you to increase your income without having to learn a laundry list of new skills.

Another option is to teach English online with VIPKID. Independent contractors for VIPKID connect with Chinese students via a video connection and give them one-on-one lessons. It’s a great option for some summer work for teachers.

Overseas Job

If you are open to new challenges, you can decide to go for an overseas job. It can be either a part of some cultural exchange program or a short-term job contract. Again, you can teach your native language abroad or some other subject that the target country needs. For example, you can participate in a charity program and teach African kids computer sciences.

Tour Guide

If you live in a place that is popular with tourists in summer, you can become a tour guide for the summer season. For example, history teachers can conduct guided tours both in museums and around the city or town where they live.

Extended School Year (ESY) Teacher

Students who do not demonstrate sufficient knowledge to complete the school year may need to repeat a class or program in summer. You can help such students and become an ESY teacher. This job may be challenging, but if you are passionate about the subject that you are teaching, this may be a perfect summer teaching job for you.

Selling Lesson Plans Online

The internet is full of online marketplaces where teachers can sell their custom lesson plans to other teachers. It is a great opportunity to share your experience with your colleagues and make some extra money.

Check this article for lesson plan examples.

Freelance Writer

summer teaching jobs

If you are seeking online summer jobs for teachers, then you can create an account at a freelancers’ marketplace and start working as a freelance writer.  You can write anything you think you are capable of, from education-related blogs and articles to textbooks, ebooks, and online tutorials.

Rideshare Driver

This job may sound a little unexpected, because it is not related to teaching, but anyway it can bring you additional income if you are living in a touristy area. If you own a car but do not use it in summer because you no longer drive to work, then you can monetize it by being a driver for a ridehshare company like Uber or Lyft.

Driving Instructor

Actually, when it comes to unconventional summer opportunities for teachers, you can get the most out of your teaching skills and teach others to drive. This job has a fairly low barrier to entry, and you’re still working with students, in a way.

Independent Consultant

You can work as an independent consultant for companies or institutions that specialize in your area of expertise. For example, if you are a mathematician, you can apply your exquisite skills to help programmers with artificial intelligence solutions development.

If you are a foreign language teacher, you can consult a startup team that is creating a language learning app. Finally, you can work as a consultant in the e-learning industry and give general recommendations on how to improve online courses on any subject in terms of didactics.

Click here to see some learning app examples.

Instructional Designer

During the summer, you can use your spare time to turn your lessons into exciting online courses for those who prefer to study online. Of course you can do it any time, but you will have more time to dig in during the summer.

Language School Teacher

If you are a language teacher, you can consider language schools that provide so-called summer intensives and thus offer jobs for teachers in the summer. Summer intensives are perfect for people who prefer studying the language every day on a tight schedule rather than twice a week.

Can I travel and teach at a summer camp abroad?

Many teachers who want to travel abroad during the summer break but do not go through with their plan because they are worried about traveling expenses and missing out on a chance to earn some extra cash by teaching at summer camps in their country. The good news for them is that they can travel wherever they want to and get a short-term gig at the summer camps in that country. This way not only will you travel and earn some extra cash but you will also get some valuable international experience on your resume.

There are many countries that allow English teachers to get jobs on a tourist visa. You can contact the relevant authorities and get all the information about how to teach the English language on a tourist visa.

Other benefits of teaching English at summer camps abroad

Here are a couple of major benefits that you can enjoy while teaching abroad at summer camps:

  • Many of these summer camps provide on-site accommodation to the teachers, which can save you a lot of rent money and trouble of finding the right place to live.
  • If you have any plans to move abroad to teach English, then a summer camp is the best option. Why? Because it will give you a taste of how your life could be – it can be like a test run for you. If you do not like it then you will save yourself the money, effort and time it takes to move to a different country.

Therefore, whether you choose to teach in your own country or travel abroad, a summer camp is an experience that can offer you multiple benefits.

What do you think?

We hope that this article has helped you to realize that there are a whole bunch of opportunities to work in the summer. We want to hear your ideas about what jobs are best for teachers in the summer. Please leave some suggestions in the discussion below.

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