Rockin’ It

Just imagine— you’re singing for an audience every day. They sing along with you. They call out your name. You are reaching people all over the world. You’re not a rock star—you’re a VIPKid teacher.

By Kate Christian

I’ve never wanted to be a rock star, but I feel like one these days. It’s fun to hear my name in the midst of a conversation in Chinese.

When I finish a lesson and hear a student shouting my name to her mom excitedly, I feel hopeful I’m being booked for a return engagement. At the very least, I can tell from the tone of her voice that she is excited to share what we’ve been doing.

Before a lesson I hear a parent and child reading the title of the lesson and then say, “Oh, Kate C!” followed by a flurry of what sounds to me like excited chatter.

Last week, after our lesson was over and I was typing in feedback, I could hear one of my students, Selina, singing my name to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

Kate, Kate, Kate C

/something in Chinese/

Kate, Kate, Kate C

Hope to see you soon.

One of my favorite little imps, Emma, greeted me at our second lesson casually, as if we were long-time friends meeting up for a cup of tea and a chat, “Hi, Kate!“ The marked difference in her demeanor from the first time we’d met, when she was silent and wide-eyed, sitting close to Mom just made me beam. Now she was open, confident and eager. She sprawled all over her chair and Mom was across the room. She was ready to welcome a friend.

The students who greet me shyly and say “Goodbye, Teacher!” with a smile on their faces, use my newest name. I can tell, by the way their eyes shine, that, for them, “Teacher” is both a name and an accolade.

One time, after a rousing rendition of Are You Sleeping? at the end of a lesson, my student told me, “Wow, Kate. You are good singer!”

So you see—I am a rock star. I teach.


Kate Christian has been a teacher rock star with VIPKID since May 2015. Kate’s past jobs include historical interpreter, professional actor/director and elementary teacher in the US, the UK and Russia.

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