Part-Time Jobs Teachers Can Use to Increase Income

Being a teacher poses many challenges, and one of them can be financial. Some teachers struggle to make ends meet and look for opportunities outside of their full-time job to supplement their income. 

Many teachers, even those who earn a good wage, take on a part-time job, whether it be tutoring, more teaching, editing, work from home jobs or something else.

While we’ve already covered jobs for former teachers and alternative jobs for teachers, we haven’t yet looked at part time jobs for teachers. In this article, we are going to discuss both part time work at home jobs and part time teaching opportunities that can help educators supplement their income when needed.


These are the best part time jobs for teachers

Virtual Teaching Jobs

virtual teaching jobs

In addition to full-time jobs at schools or other educational institutions, teachers can work at home and teach English and other courses online, via Skype or directly via an online educational platform, like VIPKID. Working from the comfort of your own home has a range of benefits, including flexibility and precious time that is saved on commuting to work. Besides, virtual teachers can teach students of all ages, thus getting a broader “target audience”.

Editing Jobs Online

Educational publishing is a natural fit for teachers during the summer. Due to their unique set of skills, teachers can edit a wide range of materials, from scientific works to fiction books and journalism. Editing jobs are also available in person, but doing them online makes it easier to balance with a full-time classroom teaching job.

Educational Consulting Jobs

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can build a coaching business for teachers and administrators. If not, then it is not a problem – you can consult the employees of educational institutions as well. Based on your experience, you can also help the newcomer teachers resolve any issues that are related to curriculum, communication with the students, etc.

A business like this takes a long time to build, so it’s best to look at it as a side project to your main career.

Homeschool Jobs for Teachers

Teaching homeschoolers is another opportunity to increase income. It is a convenient option to teach the students one-on-one, without the need to manage the entire classroom.

Part-Time Consultant Job

Teachers can work as consultants not only at educational institutions but also at firms and corporations or scientific labs. They can share their knowledge with company or lab employees and use their teaching skills to present this information in an engaging way.

Other Part-Time Education Jobs

Actually, the domain of education offers quite many opportunities to work part-time. For example, you can go to a summer camp, either in your home country or abroad, and teach or entertain kids there. Another example is a contributing author in a popular science magazine or online publication. Based on your qualifications, you can choose the direction that fits you best.

E-learning Course Writer

The online course industry is another potential source of income for qualified teachers. All you need is turn your lessons or lectures into PowerPoint presentations, add hands-on exercises, record audio voiceover and upload the course to an e-learning platform.

Provider of Materials for Teachers

Another way to sell your knowledge online is to upload your worksheets, instructional strategies, fun classroom activitieslesson plans, teaching resources and more to specialized sites so that other teachers can download them. It is a great opportunity for those who are seeking part-time jobs for teachers.

Click this article for examples of teaching resources.

Translator, Interpreter

Teachers of foreign languages can benefit from their polyglot skills and work as translators or interpreters. Most translators work online, so it is not a problem to organize your translation routine as a home based part-time job.

It is also possible to get a one-time job as an interpreter at a conference or meeting. Finally, teachers of foreign languages can also work as individual interpreters for foreigners who visit their home country and do not know the language.

Test Scorer, Assessment Coordinator

This part-time job would also suit teachers of foreign languages, especially ESL teachers. Providers of exams such as TOEFL and IELTS always need native English speakers or speakers of English with a nearly native level to participate in test scoring.

Substitute Teacher

part time teachers

Substitute teaching is almost like a part-time tutoring job, but nevertheless it is also a good opportunity of extra income. If you are brave enough to enter a classroom full of strangers who are used to another teacher, then you could use this option to get a part time teaching job.

Academic Coach

This is a variation of an educational consulting job that consists of evaluation and support of the students’ needs as well as coordination and implementation of lessons.

Childcare Specialist

If you enjoy working with kids, you may consider work in kindergarten as a part-time job. You can use your teaching skills to play various educational games that the kids will definitely enjoy.

Fitness Training

Physical education teachers have the option of getting a part time job at gyms and fitness centers both as group and individual fitness trainers.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of part-time teaching jobs. Choose the one that suits you best and supplement your regular teaching income.

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