Online English Tutoring Jobs

Online teaching jobs are becoming more and more popular as technology continues to make them, and other work-from-home jobs, more accessible. This format of knowledge sharing is convenient for both teachers and students, as it can be done independently and outside of a traditional classroom.

If you’re an English teacher searching for teaching jobs online, especially abroad, then you’ve come to the right place. VIPKID is always looking for online English teachers for our young students. We look for teachers that are high-energy, great with children, and motivated to work with a promising company that is growing at a rapid clip.

Online Teaching Overview

online teaching jobs

Online tutoring jobs are suitable for anyone who works in education. It doesn’t matter whether you are an elementary school teacher or a college professor, you can find an online tutor job that suits you well.

Have no experience in online teaching? No problem. Your classroom experience is more than enough. Online teaching can become a next important step in your career.

While teaching English online, you will be using online presentations, cameras, microphones, and other tools to help your students practice English. You can work with the students either face-to-face or in a group. VIPKID offers an easy-to-use platform that connects young students from China with online English teachers from all over the world, and it provides the necessary tools to facilitate learning, as long as you can meet the tech requirements.

Follow this link to see VIPKID’s tech requirements.

Types of Online Teaching Jobs

There’s a wide variety of online teaching jobs. You can work at home or wherever else you want, as long as you can access the virtual classroom. You can even teach English abroad without actually moving abroad. You can also design your own online courses and publish specific resources so the students can download and access them. It’s up to you to decide what type of online teaching jobs works best for you. Here are just a few:

  • Online classroom teachers
  • K-12 online teachers
  • Adult education online teachers
  • ESL online teachers
  • Online course developers
  • Online instructor jobs
  • Home tutoring jobs
  • Instructional designers

At VIPKID, we offer remote English as second language jobs to teachers from all over the world. It’s easy to get started.

Jobs Teaching English as a Second Language

People applying to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL jobs) or English as a Second Language jobs (ESL jobs) should meet the following basic requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree, either BA or BS
  • TESOL, TEFL/EFL, or TESL/ESL certificate

Besides those qualifications, an ESL teacher should have the following personal qualities:


An ESL teacher should be prepared for getting new students throughout the school year, each of which could speak a different language. Different students can have different levels of English comprehension, depending upon their exposure, native language, and other factors. An ESL teacher should evaluate the English skills of each student and adjust the teaching program accordingly.


An ESL teacher should remember that students have different cultural backgrounds from his or her own, and it’s important to understand and embrace this. When students feel valued, they can integrate into the English-speaking culture more quickly and increase opportunities to use English.

Attention to detail

ESL teachers should adhere to ESL teaching methodologies. For example, give the students more opportunities for live language practice or teach them accent-reduction techniques to help them speak English more clearly.


To be successful with ESL teaching jobs, ESL teachers can develop trust and connect with students. You shouldn’t be afraid to help them resolve real-life problems or refer them to people who can offer assistance.


To achieve success in an ESL job, a teacher should carefully plan each lesson and activities that should take place throughout a session. Everything should be thought out. 

For teaching English online jobs, it’s important to be comfortable with computers and technology.

Salary Information

ESL teacher salaries for English teaching jobs depend on various factors, such as qualifications and experience of the teacher. On average, teachers at VIPKID receive a minimum payment of US $14-$18/hour. There are incentives for every lesson, so the payment ranges from US $14-22/hour. This opportunity is ideal for teachers who are looking to supplement their income.

What Is Required To Teach ESL?

As mentioned before, to apply for ESL teaching jobs in general, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and a certificate. At VIPKID, we also have the following requirements:

  • Eligibility to work in the US or Canada.
  • 1 school year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.
  • Tech requirements, including a suitable device.
  • You must also meet all the appropriate teaching requirements.

How to Apply

To apply for TESOL jobs with VIPKID, you need to register at our website, providing detailed information regarding your qualifications and experience. We’d be happy to see you as a part of our team!

Earn up to $22 an Hour Teaching English from Home