One month with VIPKID and how life has changed….

I knew that when I accepted a teaching position with VIPKid some things would change and I would need to make minor adjustments to my daily routine. Well, now I’m a month in and have gained some experience, polished the routine a bit… and noticed some subtle (and some not so subtle) changes to my life and household.  Here are a few of them. Am I the only one?

By Elli Sniff


  1. Concept of time.

Before I started with VIPKid my sleeping patterns were a well-oiled machine. I knew what time I needed to hit the sack each night to get my solid eight hours and what time I needed to open my eyes to enjoy a full cup of coffee with cream before I needed get the day started. If I woke up at 4AM I’d be frustrated or worried that something was wrong.  Now when I wake up at 4AM (which is not uncommon) the first thought in my head is “hey, I wonder if they need someone to pick-up a class!“

  1. The high five.

I’ll admit: The high five was never a big part of my life. I didn’t use it when I was a kid and I’ve never really been an advocate of adults high-fiving other adults. Well, now it feels like a perfectly acceptable form of positive feedback to people of any age and culture. Except it’s not just “high five.” It’s “hiiiiiiiiigh FIVE!”

  1. Magnetic foam.

My husband and I are kind of minimalists. We don’t like utensils or appliances on our counter. We don’t have knick-knacks. And our refrigerator has always been free of magnets and other clutter. However, the need for attractive, engaging and efficient reward systems has won out. Now 2/3 of all of our magnetic surfaces are covered with foam characters and objects ready for lessons. And it’s scary to think what 6 months at VIPKid will bring because the stash grows daily.

  1. Shopping habits.

The way I shop has changed drastically. There are entire isles at the store that I had never even thought to browse. Now I inspect every toy, game, flash card, piece of plastic fruit, or stuffed animal and think “I might be able to use this for class!“ Also, being a redhead, I don’t usually shop for a lot of orange items for my wardrobe. Now, however, I can spot anything that is VIPKid orange on a sale rack from 100 feet away.

  1. Communication.

The ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ songs are in our heads perpetually. And, apparently, VIPKid class warm-ups and phonic songs are acceptable methods of communicating.  Husband: “Are you ready for dinner?” Me, enunciating every word: “Yes! I’m ready!! What’s for dinner?”  Husband: “S is for salad. S-S-Salad…”

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