New Years Resolutions at VIPKID

2016, another year to improve, to change, and to promise you’ll get more sleep but fail to do so.

I suck at New Years resolutions, I mean really I make a resolution not to go to the gym in January because it’s too crowded. However, I think it is important to set reasonable goals that are achievable both in life and work. Below I will list 3 resolutions I hope to stick to in 2016 at VIPKID.

By Kelly Albrecht


  1. Figure out how to work smoothly when technical issues happen: When you work on a computer and are connecting with someone literally across the planet, we are bound to experience some issues. I’ve gotten good with the lip reading when you can’t hear the student, even when it’s with letter sounds. I would like to keep improving in this aspect and also continue to keep a good attitude and a big smile even when my cheeks ache and all I can hear are ear piercing echoes.
  2. Find a better method to teach kids to use their mouse: This one stumps me the most. I have a screenshot of an adorable little girl I was trying to teach to circle on the PPT. She follows me in the air but loses me on the screen. I then draw the mouse and write “use mouse” through Chinese translation. Mom see’s my writing and me with my mouse picture and goes “OH!” and runs off quickly to grab something. Wiping the sweat off my brow and finally, after many failed mouse teaching attempts, I have succeeded. That is until mom comes back with paper and markers and my sweet student spent the rest of class showing me her mouse drawing that matched mine. In 2016, I will try other methods suggested by fellow teachers like asking about touch screens, and maybe even learn how to say it in Chinese.
  3. Go to bed earlier: Teaching students with 13 hour time differences means that I am zombie mode when the alarm goes off. Luckily, at first site of an eager student, I perk right up. As soon as I sing the last goodbye song of the day, I get hit by a small semi of exhaustion. As much as I wish it was opposite, I am a night owl who enjoys staying up late (and writing blog submissions at midnight). So my last resolution is to try and go to bed earlier so I can get all my hours in before work.

These are some of my resolutions for VIPKID. I am very confident in two of these resolutions. I plan on breaking resolution number 3 starting tomorrow.

Happy New Year VIPKID!

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