Listen In On These Podcasts for ESL Teachers and Students

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Every teacher will say that one never stops learning. Gaining knowledge and insight is a journey with no end. It is an adventure where one acquires and discovers tools that will better inform how they traverse forward. That’s why teachers recognize that they are also students in a way, seeking to improve their craft through learning and the utilization of the vast educational resources of our modern time.

One great resource for eager learners is the podcast. For ESL and EFL classes, podcasts are great tools to bolster both the capabilities of teachers and the comprehension of intermediate to advanced students. Podcasts will tackle different concepts of the English language, colloquial words and phrases, teaching advice, and more. To the benefit of students, podcasts will help improve their listening skills and pronunciation. As for teachers, podcasts will impart teaching wisdom and extension ideas. Check out below fantastic podcasts for both teachers and students.

Podcasts for Teachers

Expand Your Horizons

The Expand Your Horizons podcast by the duo behind TEFL Horizons caters well to aspiring ESL teachers all over the globe. Each weekly episode will involve conversations with experts, classroom and travel stories, and insights about how to teach certain skills to students. The episodes are a little long because they typically run between 30 – 60 minutes. However, it would be time well-spent because you can sense the passion everyone has for this profession. It’s no short of inspiring. Find their podcast on their website or Apple Podcasts.

The TEFL Commute

Have you ever had a work commute that was so draining, it affected how you went about the rest of your day? The TEFL Commute podcast aims to alleviate that problem. The trio hosting the podcast run a light-hearted show filled with conversations and laughs. They accommodate to language teachers but the TEFL Commute doesn’t exactly discuss the tactics of language teaching. Instead, they explore the language teacher experience and how the world around us affects language. Find their podcast on their website, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast platform.

TEFL Training Institute

Although TEFL Training Institute produces the shortest episodes on this list (clocking in at 15 minutes), the podcast episodes are very informational. The duo running the podcast have crafted a professional show that’s thoughtful, analytical, yet fresh. The podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics that speak to classroom experiences, teacher and student hardships, as well as cultural and societal impacts on English. Often joined by authors, teachers, trainers, and more, each episode feels like an in-depth on ESL/EFL. Find their podcast on their website, Apple Podcasts, and on Android.

Podcasts for Students

6 Minute English

As the title of this podcast indicates, the episodes of 6 Minute English are only six minutes long! However, this long-running BBC Radio show has covered an incredible number of subjects. The episodes cover not only vocabulary, but also societal trends and happenings from around the world. Inevitably, these topical discussions are only introductions to their subjects. But it’s impressive how relevant the episodes are in order to keep English-learners up-to-date on the times and colloquialisms. Find their podcast on their website.

All Ears English

The All Ears English podcast is by a trio devoted to teaching listeners and learners about how to speak English naturally and conversationally. In their episodes, they dive into idioms, vocabulary, and phrases used in American society. In addition, they provide strategies for students to apply when learning English and they also provide guidance on how to approach and respond to different scenarios in English. However, what’s most notable about All Ears English is their attitude and tone. They are energetic and set up a fun, relaxing environment so that people can feel motivated and engaged when learning English. Find their podcast on their website, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Happy listening! What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?