Life with VIPKID: A One Year Retrospective

October 2015, a teacher re-entering the workforce, after a long hiatus. Feelings of nervousness and excitement are prevalent. Fast forward 13 monthsu2026 (Which seemed to literally fly by!)

By Carolyn M. A.

Well, here I am. u00a0Still teaching at VIPKID platform. Stillu00a0lovingu00a0the challenge of working with these amazing students of mine from half a world away. This year presented challenges but has also given many rewards.

My first challenge this year was to overcome my revulsion of mornings. Confession time: I am NOT a morning person. There, my secret is out. However, with the right amount of caffeine (roughly a gallon) in my system. I could do early mornings, and actually, embrace them. My students were my number one reason for getting up at 0u2019 dark thirty. They are so eager to learn everyday and the joy you feel emanating from them is actually better than the jolt the gallon of coffee provides.

My second challenge this year, was moving my entire family of 5 from Canada to England, directly in the middle of my second teaching contract with VIPKID. With most traditional teaching jobs, I would simply have had to quit my job in order to accomplish this. However, with the flexibility provided with VIPKID platform, I took some vacation time (yes, it is provided), made some slight changes to my schedule. Packed like crazy, taught in between the craziness, moved across the Atlantic, and set up my new internet immediately in our new English home. Then, I let my husband and kids unpack, while I sipped tea and got back to teaching my amazing VIPKID students. Wow! Right?! u00a0Who does this? VIPKID makes the impossible possible.

Rewards have come in many forms over the past year. Yes, the financial reward of my paycheck cannot be undermined and I am very grateful for this reward. However, teaching with VIPKID has provided more than financial rewards. VIPKID also provides projects such as professional development in the form of a TESOL certification with Arizona State University. This company appreciates the teachers who teach at the platform and is giving back to us. Again, WOW! VIPKID platform is an amazing place to choose and Thank You VIPKID for this marvelous opportunity.

VIPKID platform has grown A LOT over the past year. When I started teaching here, I was one of approximately a few hundred teachers. I now have thousands of teachers around the globe. As the company has grown and expanded, professional teaching and peer review opportunities have arisen within this teaching community. I now also lead and provide my peer review opinion to new teachers during their mock class stage. This new opportunity has allowed me to develop myself in ways I had never before imagined. u00a0VIPKID makes the unknown possible.

So, I look forward to my second contract year with VIPKID, if this past year is any indication, it will only get better and brighter. Happy Teaching to you all!