Jobs for Former & Retired Teachers

Sooner or later experts in all different fields start thinking about career changes, and classroom teachers are no exception. Retired teachers can also search for less stressful job after retirement, where they can apply their skills and experience in a new capacity.
If you’re thinking of what job to do after teaching, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some possible jobs for former teachers and jobs for retired teachers.

10 Possible Careers After Teaching

jobs after teaching

1. Counseling

If you still want to interact with students, you can try the job of a school counselor as one of many jobs for retired teachers. Counselors help younger students with problems, deal with parental concerns, and more. At the high school level, school counselors spend more time on college and career counseling. With a job in counseling, you won’t have to leave your educational institution – you’ll just change your profile.

2. Consulting

Another option of staying in an institution but changing the profile is to become an education consultant. Consultants work not just with students but also with teachers. Their jobs involve curriculum improvements, instruction, assessment, leadership, and culture in a school. Consultants learn about a school’s problems and come up with ways to solve them by observing and talking to teachers. As a consultant, you may work with the entire teaching staff or with a specific group of teachers. It’s another great role for former teachers. 

3. Individual Teaching

One on one teaching probably belongs on this listing of the best jobs for retired teachers. Such a job brings the teacher-student interaction to a higher level than in a classroom and makes it easier to choose the most suitable learning approaches. Besides, the teachers can develop their own working schedules, not depending on the overall schedule of a school or another institution.

4. Corporate Tutoring

Big corporations can order lessons for groups of employees in order to develop additional skills that are needed for work. For example, some international companies offer corporate English lessons. Therefore, teachers of English can retire or leave an educational institution and choose corporate teaching as one of possible jobs after teaching. Advantages of this  change can be a salary raise and knowledge sharing with professionals who want to learn English, or something else that is useful as an extra skill at work.

5. Instructional Design

Former teachers can also use their skills in the e-learning sphere. Specifically, they can either help IT companies design their e-learning platforms or develop their own online courses and sell them at portals such as Udemy. Such careers for former teachers help a teacher build a trusted online profile, extend their target audience, and earn a good reputation as a professional educator.

6. Educational Startups

Former teachers can cooperate with software developers and create startups such as mobile apps or games for studying various subjects. They can create totally new learning approaches and present them to learners. This can be not only a job for former teachers, but also a new exciting opportunity in the competitive world of startups.

7. Examiners/Assessors

Careers for retired teachers can also include assessment work at exams, both written and spoken. Besides, they can prepare the content of exams. Of course this type of job after teaching is most suitable for former language teachers in non-English-speaking countries.

8. Jobs Related to Subject of Teaching

Possible careers after teaching can include those related to the subject that you were teaching. For example, Language teachers can work in the translation field, either on a full-time or on a freelance basis, whereas chemistry teachers can work in a lab, and so on. In such a way teachers can benefit from applying their knowledge of a subject not only by teaching but also directly.

9. Work in Government/Administrative Institutions

Skills of a teacher include flexibility, ability to explain in simple words, and ability to work under stressful conditions. Such skills may come in handy when working in administrative institutions, such as local councils, because this type of jobs after retirement for teachers involves daily interaction with people.

10. Online Teaching

Teaching online is one of the best jobs for retired teachers. You can teach from anywhere and have full control over the schedule of your classes. You get more time not only to prepare your lessons but also to have a rest. No more time and money is wasted on getting to and from work, so when it comes to good jobs for former teachers, online teaching is also cost-efficient.
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