How Working Online Benefits our Social Lives

Not long ago, the thought of earning a competitive income from the comfort of your own home (and let’s be honest, in the comfort of your favorite PJs as well) was unthinkable. But it’s 2019, and opting out of the traditional office setting is about as common as a midnight dash to the closest 7-11 for a Big Gulp (not everyone does it, but far more than you may think).

But this migration to earning an online-income isn’t just a practical option; it has a lot of social benefits, too.

Choose How You Spend Emotional Energy

Now that you needn’t be face-to-face with co-workers 24/7, you’re not only freeing up your time, you’re also optimizing emotional resources. Ever feel like a wrung-out towel after Jeremiah’s daily drawn out descriptions of how Starbucks messed up his order again? Yup, that’s your emotional energy taking a hit right there. Cutting back on small talk and mindless chit-chat at the water cooler gives you control over your emotional energy stores and lets you expend this precious social currency when you feel like it.

Carve Our More Time with Your Loved Ones

While a sense of office camaraderie can be great for company morale, it can often be offset (or totally derailed) by that other sacred office ritual – politics. Sure, sharing in-house jokes, going for lunch and catching an after-work cocktail with colleagues can be great, but not if you’d rather be spending those precious hours with others instead. When you’re free to spend your time the way you want to, chances are you’re able to socialize with people you actually want to socialize with.

Less Commuting, More Com…uh… Socializing

Since you’re not commuting to an office, that extra hour or two is yours to spend any way you want (you also don’t need to deal with creepy subway dude anymore). Cutting down on travel time, sometimes entirely, means fewer hours surrounded by alarmingly intimate strangers or delightful coworkers and more quality time with those who are closest to you. Think about it: that hour on the train is now a forty-five minute gym session with your trainer and a Skype catch-up with a close friend. That thirty-minute drive into the city? It’s now a walk around the block and a coffee with your neighbor.

Work and Care Work Need Not Be Mutually Exclusive

An office puts caregivers of any kind into a terrible bind. Got kids? Well, you’re paying for childcare then as well as all your other expenses. Have an elderly relative that you’re responsible for? Gosh, it looks like Great-Aunty Shirley is walking herself to supermarket this week. Even four-legged dependents like dogs and cats are reliant on us being present in their lives, and if you’re under strict supervision in an office an hour away, getting out of the office to run a quick errand for a loved one or doing an emergency school-run is next-to impossible. Working online means managing your schedule around those who need you most.

Whatever your social makeup, chances are that daily office interactions are more stressful than soothing. Working remotely or online offers you the chance to free up your schedule and organize your working hours around your life rather than the other way around, and sharing that life with those you actually want to.