Halloween Dino Pennant

Halloween is almost here, and we have some fun decorations for your online classroom! The craft is simple; just print, cut, and glue or tape on a string!

Displaying this fun pennant can be for Halloween or all year! 

You can even omit the hanging tags and adhere to felt or other things to decorate your classroom!

Why is it a good idea to have Halloween decorations?

For an ESL classroom, making Halloween decorations, such as VIPKID dino, is a great way to help your students learn the English language.

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy by making Halloween decorations with your students:

  • It gets them talking – You can get your class to make Halloween decorations as a class activity. You can make each of your students explain what they are making, which will encourage them to communicate in English and develop and improve their English speaking skills.
  • It can help with developing their listening skills – You can also use this opportunity to help your students develop and improve their listening skills. At the start of the class, you can show them how to make a decoration by talking them through the process. Listening to your instructions will help them improve their English listening skills.
  • It can help you bond with your students better – Students respond to their teachers better when they can feel comfortable with them. An activity such as making and setting up Halloween decorations can give your students the confidence to communicate with you more easily. A friendly bond with them will encourage the students to be more active in their classes, pay more attention to the lessons and retain more information. This will result in better learning.
  • It can be a good vocabulary building exercise – You can turn your decoration making activity into a fun lesson. You can play games such as name the character, the objects or other related items. This will help build your students’ vocabulary and teach them new things.

Things to consider while making Halloween decorations with your ESL students

Whether you are making a VIPKID dino or any other decorations, in order to turn them into a fun lesson, you need to consider a few things:

The decorations must not be too complicated – This is a very important point to consider. If you try to get your students to make complicated decorations it is quite possible they will not enjoy the activity at all. Remember, they are ESL students, which means their English comprehension must not be that good. Therefore, if your decoration requires complex instructions the element of fun will be lost from the activity.

Ensure the safety of your students – Activities such as making Halloween decorations works best with kids. That is why you should be very careful when it comes to handling items like scissors and super glue. Instead of making them use scissors or other sharp objects, it is best to do all the cutting yourself beforehand. You can help the students paint, add glitter and glue things.

Use how-to video tutorials – Using a how-to video tutorial is a great way to teach them. These videos will not only show them how to make the decorations properly but will also help improve the listening skills of your students. Listening to these instructions will teach them how to pay attention to a conversation.

Let them be creative – You can show the students how to make the decorations and then allow them to use their own creativity to add more elements to their creations. This will encourage them to think out of the box and be more active.

Happy decorating!

Download here: Halloween_Monsters

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