From Stay-At-Home Mom to VIPKID Teacher

Morning after morning, I wake up, get my two boys off to school, and then prepare a fun-filled day with my toddler. As we are eating breakfast, I gaze out the window and my mind starts wandering: “I truly love to be at home, but I miss teaching. If only there was a way to have the best of both worlds.” This wish led to my addiction.

By Teacher Ashley W


Daily routine: Wake up. Get the boys to school. Eat breakfast. Play. THEN, the addiction…get out the iPhone, open the Indeed app, search for “work at home” teacher positions. Every time I found one that allowed teachers to “truly” work from home, I would send my resume and cover letter. After countless cover letters and resumes, I came to develop a sense that I wasn’t good enough. Other than the fact that I have been a substitute teacher for five years, hold a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and hold a master’s degree in Special Education…I just wasn’t good enough.

When I became “down” about not finding the right job to work from home with my own flexibility, I almost gave up. Then, one day, a miracle appeared! There it was on Indeed—VIPKID! My heart raced and I knew I needed to get my cover letter and resume out right away. Then, I would hesitate. Is this a scam or is it the real deal? Okay, one way to find out…open the “virtual book of EVERYTHING,” a.k.a. “the internet.” I read so many reviews posted online. Many positive and some negative. I watched video after video on YouTube of others teaching in the VIPKID virtual classroom. It looked amazing and too good to be true. What do you think I did next? Remember, I have seen so many scams. Do I waste my time or do I apply?

If you guessed that I applied, then you were RIGHT! It was only a few days later that I received an e-mail stating that they were impressed by my resume and wanted to set up an interview and demo. I was very excited, but still wondering in the back of my mind if this was going to be a real teaching position. Would I have students? Would I really get paid? How do I prepare for an interview and demo through the computer? What happens next?

VIPKID sent out another message detailing everything that I would need to do to prepare for my interview and demo class. There was never a guessing moment. I knew what I needed to do. If I had any questions or concerns, I would send an e-mail. Guess what? They would reply! They are real people working at VIPKID. This is a REAL company providing wonderful ESL curriculum to Chinese children.

After my interview and demo, I had training, and then practicum demonstrations. It was nothing short of what I already knew how to do, which was to teach wholeheartedly. Teaching always brings a smile to my face, which is one of the most important things to remember when teaching with VIPKID.

Quickly after the practicum, I was accepted into the VIPKID family. I say “family” because they are always there for their teachers when they need them and are always a ticket or Skype message away. There is so much support and communication that you are never left with unanswered questions.

Remember when I said that I was beginning to feel “down?” Now my life is amazing. I have the best of both worlds. I absolutely love working at VIPKID! I have a flexible schedule. It is required to have a minimum of 15 classes open during peak hours, but that is a very small number compared to how many classes I actually teach in a week.

I am able to live that dream I had about being a stay-at-home mom, earn an income, and continue fulfilling my love for teaching young children. There is only one reason that I am able to do all of this and that is because of VIPKID!

My family and I would love to send a huge “THANK YOU” to VIPKID! Thanks for making mommy’s dreams come true! VIPKID is the REAL DEAL!

Earn up to $22 an Hour Teaching English from Home