First Few Months With VIPKID

Last July, my husband and I moved from North Jersey, right across the Hudson River from New York City, to Phoenix.  I had a wonderful part time gig as an ESL teacher in the quaint little North East town of Cliffside Park and LOVED my students dearly.  Last spring, with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to my students.  I felt hopeful about finding a new job in Phoenix, with the large population of Mexican immigrants.  To my surprise, there was not one available job for any teacher without a state license.  I searched for a few months and finally came across VIPKid.  It fit my schedule perfectly.

By Teacher Ashleigh S.


My first month with VIPKID was weak to say the least.  I am not sure I felt so comfortable teaching online.  Something felt off.  I was still getting used to the early wake up call and working another very full time job.  By the end of March, I was still unsure of how I felt about teaching online.  Students seemed uninterested and bored.  Nothing I did seemed to change how my classes were going.

One Sunday, not too long ago, I decided to go the Dollar Tree and explore my options for toys and props for my class.  I found so many different objects to assist my classroom and have it become my own.  I felt excited and pumped for my Monday morning classes.  Two weeks in, I can say that it has completely changed my teaching style.  I have made an effort to try and get to know the students whose English is more advanced and I have been able to engage more with the ones who do not speak any English.  With adding props and toys and just having more fun I have felt more inspired and less structured.

Teaching online can pose a lot of issues.  It’s hard to feel like you are getting through to your student, so small achievements can feel really great on both ends.  I’ve learned being your students’ cheerleader will not only bring a smile to their face, but  also encourage them to keep learning.  While learning a new language can very intimidating, letting the student know that every mistake made is just another step toward success!

It’s been three months with VIPKID and I can say I truly love teaching for them.  New teachers out there, you will find your rhythm and you will get used to the early hours.  Living on the Pacific Coast, it was not easy to get up at 3 and 4 am.  You can do it! You will see your students’ light go off and you will love every minute of it!!!

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