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Finding Success and Happiness Through Remote Work

Remote Work: How to make sure it works for you

Whether it’s an attempt at a better work-life balance, or an interest in earning additional income, remote work can be a wonderful solution for many people’s needs in this ever-changing world of work.

Working remotely often entails getting to be your own boss, setting your own hours and getting to work from home or really, anywhere. But once you’re able to find a remote work opportunity, how do you ensure it actually works best for you?

In this eBook, we provide:

  • Guidance on 4 key pillars of remote work
  • Tips to keep in mind to maximize the benefits of remote work
  • Tools to keep you on track towards your goals, such as schedulers and financial planning templates

For over 70,000 people in our VIPKid teacher community, VIPKid has provided a flexible teaching opportunity: teachers can teach from anywhere and set their own hours.

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