8 Entry-Level Work From Home Jobs to Make Money from Anywhere

If you’ve recently graduated, or are considering a career change, the allure of a entry level work-from-home job might be right up your alley. Work in sweatpants from your dining room table or from a hammock on the beach in Bali—as long as there’s good WiFi, home is where the laptop is. (As they say, right?)

You might be questioning whether a remote job is feasible, though, if you don’t have specific skills or relevant experience. Have no fear, though. There are plenty of entry-level work-from-home jobs that require only minimal or even no prior experience.

It goes without saying that, even sans professional experience, remote jobs require you to be comfortable working independently and communicating via phone, video conference, and email. If that sounds like you, and you’re ready to skip the commute and bad office coffee, consider one of these positions below.

Entry-Level Work From Home Jobs

1. Direct Sales Representative

If you enjoy building relationships, helping people, and (of course) talking on the phone, this may be the job for you. Most direct sales companies will provide training, marketing materials, and even sample products, helping you set up your own at-home business. Earning potential is high, as many roles offer a base rate plus commission on goods sold.

2. Virtual Assistant

Some companies that don’t have the budget for an executive assistant or office admin team will outsource work to a virtual assistant. In this role, tasks are generally administrative and could include anything from online research to booking travel to project management. You’ll need excellent organization and communication skills to succeed as a virtual assistant, making sure to complete projects on-time and within budget.

3. Freelance Writer

If you love to write and have the chops, freelance writing gigs abound for remote workers. From journalistic news writing to creative marketing content, there’s something for everyone. Hone in on your area of interest and begin building a portfolio. If you don’t have professional by-line experience, demonstrate your skills through your own personal blog. Don’t expect to make the big bucks with a beginners’ writing gig, but you’ll be able to build a base of work and gain valuable experience.

4. Translator

Do you speak another language fluently? If so, consider a work-from-home job as a translator. Though translation gigs exist across many popular languages like Spanish and German, you’ll have a leg up if you speak a unique language like Japanese or Swahili. Entry-level translators should start with general content such as books or online articles and can later graduate to more in-depth academic or professional texts that require meticulous accuracy.

5. Customer Support

If you’ve ever dialed a company’s support number—haven’t we all?—you’ll know that interpersonal skills and patience are key to thriving in a customer service role. Both large corporations and small startup companies are increasingly hiring at-home representatives and creating virtual call centers. These opportunities are perfect for entry-level workers, as they rarely require in-depth experience and frequently provide on-the-job training.  

6. Graphic Designer

For the creatives out there, graphic design is a fun and lucrative work-from-home job. From web pages to logos and marketing brochures, graphic designers use computer programs to create art. As with writing, your skills are often more valuable than specific experience, so be sure to display your talent with an online portfolio, even if it’s only work you’ve created for yourself.

7. Data Entry

Looking for a simple, straightforward way to make money while working from home? Data entry is one of the most popular remote jobs requiring no experience. Duties may range from transcription to organizing files to recording financial figures. You’ll need strong attention to detail, impressive typing speed, and a love—or tolerance, at least—for spreadsheets.

8. Teaching English Online

You didn’t think we’d leave this one out, did you? Of course, there are abundant remote jobs for entry-level workers, but our personal favorite is teaching english! There are several benefits of teaching ESL online, one of which being that you can teach from anywhere. 

9. Benefits of working from home

Thanks to the internet, working from home has a become a reality for many. It offers a great platform if you want to either start your own business or want a secondary source of income.

Here are a few major benefits that have made working from home so popular:

10. You are your own boss 

This is one of the biggest attractions for anyone who does not like to take orders or work for others. By becoming a freelance worker, you decide your own working schedule, the projects you want to take and where do you want to work from. It gives you the freedom to make your own decisions that you think will help you give the best output.

11. You can balance your social and professional life

One of the biggest disadvantages of working a regular 9 to 5 job is that finding a balance between your social and professional life can become difficult. However, when you are working from home you can easily prioritize things according to your own preference. If you have a family commitment, you can schedule your work around it. Having the freedom to be there for your family and friends will make you a happier person.

12. You can make good money

Unlike at a regular job where you get a small fraction of what you help the company earn, working from home will allow you to pocket everything you work hard for. If you are not a registered company the money may even be tax-free.

13. No transportation expenses

The hassle of getting up every morning and getting to work is not only tough, but it also costs money. If you are working from home, you can easily save this money and also save yourself from dealing with your morning commute.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy by working from home. However, you should remember, that to enjoy these benefits you will have to work hard and commit to your work. Keep in mind, being your own boss only pays if you are dedicated and ready to work hard.


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