Create Spectacular Class Backgrounds

Techniques to make your classroom background the envy of Broadway

You are the actor, and the classroom is your stage. But do you ever feel like a little set design is holding you back from your Oscar-winning performance? Luckily you don’t need Anna Pinnock to make your classroom feel like something out of a movie, we got just the solution right here.

With these class design approaches you’ll find new appreciation for the hidden potential lying dormant in that boring wall behind you. We chose these methods because they are, for the most part, easy to implement, but also because they hold an almost infinite amount of possibility. So, if you thought the sky was the limit, these’ll get you to the moon.

From now on, the most exciting thing about your wall certainly won’t be its shade of white (unless of course it’s egg shell white, now that’s a fantastic looking white).

Using a projector: like tracing paper for your wall

This is one of the coolest tricks in the book. Have you ever had that wild desire to break out your paintbrushes and make like Michelangelo all over your wall? It usually starts with heightened levels of inspiration, followed by irrational bouts of supply purchasing, and ends in you having painted 2 square feet of wall before realizing this is way harder than it looks. Finally the sofa gets shifted to cover the unsightly attempt.

Well, go dig out your supplies, because we’ve got the answer for you. A projector.

By using a projector, literally the only skill set you’ll need to create a masterpiece of epic proportions is the ability to attach a cable to your computer, and rudimentary coloring-in skills. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: download an image you like from Google. It can be anything from a simple outline of a goose to Paolo Veronese’s The Wedding at Cana.

*Make sure it is high quality (select Tools > Size > Large at the top of your Google Image search page to display high quality images only)

Step 2: Connect your laptop or computer to a projector, and project the image onto your wall. Adjust the size of the image either by moving the projector further away, or by adjusting the lens.

Step 3: Take your paints and literally paint over the image being projected onto the wall. It’s a glorified version of color-by-numbers.

Voila! You’ve just recreated a masterpiece on your wall, and it probably didn’t take much more time than a single afternoon.

How easy is it? – As easy as filling in a coloring-in book. So, like 3/5?

How far can you take it? – All the way to putting the Sistine Chapel on your wall.


White board paint: transform your walls into canvases

The daily ambition of every 3-year-old is to draw on the walls, and the subsequent task of every parent is pulling their hair out trying to get the marks off. Now imagine a version of reality where walls were replaced by whiteboards. Well, your wish has been granted.

White board paint quietly snuck onto paint shelves everywhere without much fanfare. But it is a total game changer and one of the best ways to turn rooms into places where creativity can bloom. And it is as good as it sounds.

By painting your wall(s) in white board paint, you no longer have to cram all your drawings and explanations onto a tiny board, but instead you’ll have your entire wall (and ceiling if you really want) at your disposal to draw, write, doodle and make notes on.

How easy is it? – 1/5

How far can you take it?This far.


Cork board: the freedom to make as many holes as you want

There is a certain anxiety inherent in banging nails into a wall. This anxiety is well founded if you’re the type of person who changes their mind about where to hang things every second week. Swiss cheese walls are almost never in fashion.

The solution comes in the form of cork. Cork is one of the most underrated materials around, and is used in trains, shoes, flooring and even spaceships! Portugal famously built their entire pavilion out of cork at the World Expo in 2000.

A cork board in the classroom then, provides a treasure trove of new possibilities. By covering all (or part) of your wall in cork board, you’re able to stick things up, hang your props and redecorate your class whenever you want! Plus, cork is also a great insulator, so whoever stays in the room next door will probably be plenty grateful too.

How easy is it? – 3/5

How far can you take it? – Cork is a bit pricey, but there are tons of creative ideas out there.