VIPKID strives to provide its esteemed teachers and valuable students with an environment that facilitates the learning process. In order to make your experience a seamless one, our representatives are always available online to address your concerns and help you find effective solutions.

Our website offers multiple ways to communicate with our staff; you can use the website to fill out a basic form and then add your message.

At the bottom of the Contact Us page, you will also find the complete physical VIPKID address.

You can also contact us directly through our email address.

Due to the high influx of messages on a daily basis, you may not receive an instant reply. However, we assure you that our customer support receives all the messages and works day and night to respond to all of them. Therefore, your patience and understanding in this matter will be highly appreciated.

What type of questions can I ask?

You can use our Contact Us page to ask any question relevant to the website.

If you are an aspiring online teacher with a bachelor’s degree you can ask us anything related to the following;

  • The hiring process
  • The interview process
  • Salary structure
  • Payment methods
  • Lesson planning and booking
  • Questions related to the website
  • Time schedule

You can also ask questions that do not fall into the above-mentioned categories.

If you are a potential student, you can ask us anything related to the following;

  • The enrollment process
  • VIPKID teachers
  • Lesson booking
  • Learning content/material
  • Class schedule
  • Questions related to the website

Questions that do not fall into the above-mentioned categories can also be directed to our staff members.

Get in Touch

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Tel: 1010-1613