Change is Good!

Fall is a season of change, putting summer things away and getting ready to face the glory of fall colours. This fall my family life changed, it evolved. My youngest child began kindergarten. Sniff, sniff.  I was no longer a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), well, I was, but I was a SAHM who was missing her little flock.  Change had happened, even though I really was not happy about losing that time with my kids.  I consider myself blessed that I was able to be their sole caregiver throughout their formative years.  So, what was this Stay at Home Mom to do? Hmmm…

By Carolyn Crann Arnold


I had been out of the work force for 10 years!  My teaching skills felt stale and rusty. I have always identified myself as a teacher.  That sense of identity never left me, but I was left wondering what my new role would be.  No longer a SAHM, but what?  I had some ‘free time,’ a very novel concept to this 24/7 mom.  What to do? What new role would I take on? I was still a teacher, wasn’t I?

VIPKid provided a very happy answer to this question. Yes, I am! I am still a teacher!  I cannot tell you how happy I was to be contracted and receive this job that validated my life choices.  I was thrilled.  Happy dance thrilled!!! My teacher gene is awaking from hibernation and my independent identity is re-emerging.

Change is good.  Change is empowering. Change is getting up at 4:30 a.m. to teach English as a Second Language to online students half a world away.  I teach before my kids wake up. Before they get ready to go to school, I have taught 5 – 6 lessons to earnest, hard working, adorable children in China. I cannot express to you the level of satisfaction I feel on my commute from my coffee pot to my computer.   (Side Note: Wearing your slippers to work here is not frowned upon at all.)

VIPKid amazes me every single day.  I feel productive, purposeful and pleased as punch with my new role.  I am now a Work At Home Mom – part time, ESL online teacher.  I love this new world that has been opened up to me: from the one on one teaching,  ‘meeting’ the parents, chatting to the intermediate students, surprising them with the fact that their teacher lives in Canada and challenging them to find ‘me’ on the map to teaching the youngest student the English alphabet.  I love to see my students smile, wave and say Hello! Their giggles make me forget that it is oh – dark – thirty outside and everyone else in my house is sleeping soundly. I love to hear questions from my advanced students, their curiosity amazes me.  I enjoy hearing my shy student speak for the first time during class, you feel as though you have conquered Mt. Everest.

Thank you VIPKid for bringing back the teacher in me, change is GREAT!

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