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How Teaching Online Helps Teachers Develop ESL Insights and New Skills

The growing need for trained ESL teachers

More than 32 states report they do not have enough trained ESL teachers for the almost 5 million ESL students in our schools today. So, teaching ESL with VIPKid provides a tremendous learning opportunity for teachers looking to add tools to their teaching toolbox. VIPKid teachers also appreciate the opportunity to learn about another culture.

In a recent survey, more than 500 VIPKid teachers shared their experience on teaching for VIPKid. Survey respondents mentioned how learning to teach ESL with VIPKid has given them many insights into working with ESL students at their brick and mortar schools. They also frequently mentioned how teaching ESL one-on-one helped them understand children’s individual learning styles—making them a more effective teacher in the classroom and ready to respond to the growing need for ESL teachers across the country.