Alternative Jobs for Teachers Who Want to Make a Career Change

If you are a teacher who is thinking of choosing a new career path, then this article may be exactly what you need. We previously covered jobs for retired teachers, but there are a lot of other routes teachers could take if they wanted to move into non-teaching jobs before then.

Of course, some of these alternatives to teaching will touch on the skills you picked up earning that English, math, history, language arts or teaching degree. Others are education-relation, and a few touch on soft skills you learn during a career as a teacher.

We have gathered 13 alternative career opportunities for teachers who don’t want to teach in a classroom to help you pick the one that would suit you best.

These are the top alternative jobs for teachers


alternative jobs for teachers

Most teachers are excellent at writing, and moving to a career in writing may be a natural transition. For example, if we think about jobs you can get with a history degree, you can try to write historical work. If you used to teach arts, you can write fiction.

Finally, if your teaching domain is science, then you can tackle the field of technical writing. By the way, many famous fiction authors, such as Stephen King, are former school teachers. Most teachers would also transition well to journalism or editing.

Startups / Entrepreneurship

Are you an energetic person full of new ideas, including those related to education? If you can relate to this, then you may consider either founding your own startup or joining an existing startup team. You can come up with an idea for an innovative teaching or language learning app or you can become an influencer in the teaching world by writing blog posts or creating video content.

Participation in a startup and entrepreneurship are some great alternatives to teaching. If you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, it’s something that you can get a head start on before you make a complete break with your current career.

Museum Work

There are many types of museums, but they all have one thing in common: they are all educational. Therefore, teachers of history, arts, science or cultural studies are always welcome at different types of museums as tour guides or researchers due to their exquisite educating and researching skills.

Larger libraries also readily hire researchers. This could be a great choice if you’re teacher looking for a new career.

Sales and Marketing

Teachers are especially good at delivering information to target audience, i.e. their students, in an engaging way. So why not apply those skills in the sphere of sales and marketing?

It could be a great experience for those who are seeking non teaching jobs for teachers.

Online Course Development

Online educational courses have gained extreme popularity in recent years. Therefore, ex teachers can tackle this field by creating online courses on something that they perfectly know and deliver those courses to knowledge seekers via special online platforms.

Of course, there are pros and cons to online classes and course development, and it won’t always be the same as teaching in a classroom. But teachers know best how to develop a course, and could thrive in this role.

Check out our article the pros and cons to online classes here.

Personal Training / Coaching

other jobs for teachers

If you are a former physical education teacher with a passion for physical fitness, then you can get personal trainer certification. As a result, you can move on to a job as a fitness trainer as an alternative to teaching.

Lawyer / Paralegal

Former teachers of law can challenge themselves in legal domain. Sometimes law teachers realize that they would prefer a corporate environment where they can research and work independently. This is one of the jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach anymore.

School Principal

Becoming a school principal can be a significant move up the career ladder when it comes to non teaching jobs in education. Moving into higher level roles is a perfect fit for teachers who have strong leadership skills and earn their graduate degrees in education.

School Counselor / Psychologist

If you are interested in helping students on a personal level, you may decide to become a school counselor or psychologist. This can be one of great non teaching jobs in education for teachers with a master’s degree in counseling or psychology.

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

If you are a former math teacher seeking some other careers for teachers, you can try your hand in the financial domain by becoming an accountant or bookkeeper. This job also requires a high level of responsibility, which all teachers have “by default”. Therefore, hiring an ex teacher as an accountant would be highly beneficial for any firm or corporation.


Former or retired teachers who look for education related jobs can consult teachers, especially the newcomers, and give advice on curriculum improvements. The job of a consultant consists of studying the school’s issues and offering any possible solutions.

Corporate Tutoring

Big corporations can order training for groups of employees to develop some extra skills that are needed for work. Therefore, corporate teaching can also be one of possible new careers for teachers.

How to know when is the right time to change your career

One of the biggest problems is that many teachers fail to realize when they should start to look for an alternative career. To help you understand your situation better, here are a few important signs that you must not miss because they will tell you whether it is time to make the switch or not.

  • When you do not like to get up in the morning – How you start your day is one of the biggest signs that tell you how much you love (or hate) your job. When getting up in the morning becomes difficult not just because you are tired but also because you dread going to work then you need to rethink the career path you are on. Sure, we all get one of those days but if this situation persists for more than two weeks then you should start to re-evaluate things.
  • When you cannot be creative with your lessons – A teacher who loves his/her job finds different ways to make the lesson interesting. You get more creative with your teaching methods and approach, however, if you do not love teaching then you would find it difficult to connect with your lesson or think of ways to make it more interesting. It may even come to the point where you simply do not want to put any effort into being creative. That is a sure sign that you have fallen out of love with your teaching career.
  • When your career is making no progress – If you have been stuck at the same dead-end job for a while then it is time to rethink your choices. When you cannot find any better opportunities or cannot grow as a teacher then it could mean you simply do not have any more to give to this profession. Therefore, instead of wasting more time you should consider other career options.

How to select a new career?

If you are looking for new alternative careers for teachers, one of the biggest challenges is to decide which career is suitable for you. Sure, it sounds easy to just start something else, but if you do not make the choice carefully you may again find yourself stuck at a job you do not like or are not very good at.

To make the right choice, here are a few things you should do before you select a new path for yourself:

Take a self-assessment test – Before you start to look for alternate careers for teachers, the first thing you need to do is to assess yourself by analyzing your interests and skill set. The best way to do is to take a self-assessment test that will help you realize your potential and explore new possibilities. Remember, you should not take one of those online quizzes. You should visit a certified career counselor who will help you with self-assessment.

Talk to others – Once your choice is clear, you must start preparing for it. If you know anyone who works in the same industry, then you should setup a meeting with them and ask them about how the field works and what kind skill set you would need. Ask them about different job possibilities, their future prospects and the kind of training you would need to prepare for your new career.

Get trained –Before you start looking for a job, take a little time to understand the new field, get some training or at least the basic knowledge of how things work. You should not be afraid to start at the entry-level because the knowledge you will gain as a newcomer will go a long way.

Start looking for a job – Once you feel you have done the necessary homework; you must start to look for different types of jobs related to your field. Remember, you may have to start at a lower salary package but take that as a learning opportunity and use it as a platform to build your new career.

Which one of these sounds best?

If you’re a current teacher looking for an alternative job, did you see anything that excites you in this list? If so, please leave your favorite option in the comments below. If you have your own suggestion, please feel free to contribute suggestions in the comments as well!

Things to keep in mind while starting a new career

Changing a career is never an easy option and in some cases, it means starting all over again. However, the change should never be feared especially if you prepare to handle the challenges it may throw your way.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when you make the decision to start a new career.

  • You may have to start fresh – To know which new career path you want to take is just the first step. After your decision to leave the teaching career and start something new you must be prepared to wait for the right opportunity, which may take some time. Therefore, it is important to stay focused and not lose hope.  
  • The money could be tight – One of the most important things when changing your career is to plan your finances. You must not only be prepared for a financially stringent job hunting period but also keep in mind that even after getting the job the money may remain tight for a while. You will have to rethink your entire budget and financial situation.
  • Learning new things may take time – One of the biggest mistakes people who switch career paths make is to regret leaving their old jobs the moment things get tough. This not only takes your motivation away but also instills the fear of failure in you. You must keep in mind that what you have set out to do is new and learning its art and science may take time. Give yourself enough room and time to make mistakes and learn from them.

Remember, these challenges are a part of reality but they are not impossible to overcome. You just need to be prepared to keep moving forward against all odds.

Other jobs for teachers

Tips for starting a new job

As mentioned before, starting a new job is not an easy thing to do, sure there are plenty of other jobs for teachers, but not only do you need help to pick the right one, you also have to make an effort to settle in. You will have to be patient and learn the new ways. To make the settling period easier for you, here are. Few things you should do:

Get to know your colleagues – Sure, when you start working at a new place, you are a stranger to everyone. However, do not remain a stranger for too long and make an effort to get to know your new colleagues. If they invite you for lunch or coffee, say yes and show them you appreciate your invitation. It is ok to be not so talkative in the start but do participate in the conversation.

Learn the new work culture – Every office has its own culture, which involves how colleagues interact with each other, how the inter-office communication works, how filing is done, how to talk to the boss and how the networking works etc. You should take time to understand all these details. This will allow you to fit in better with your new work team

Never say no to learning new things – No matter how hard you trained for your new job do not consider yourself an expert who does not need any guidance. Show them you are competent, but also listen to their advice and suggestions. Their experience can help you learn more than what your training taught you.

Find a mentor – It is always a good idea to find a mentor in your new workplace. Doing this will not only help you find a teacher, but it will also allow you to enter an office network.

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