A VIPKID Thanksgiving

By Kelly Albrecht

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by far. Eating so much that you want to pass out is my favorite activity and what better opportunity than Thanksgiving. Besides eating, I love the connection I get being around my family and closest friends.

This year I am away from my family in Ecuador, South America, and there is no Thanksgiving here. Instead of waking up to the smell of Turkey baking and my dad putting fresh thyme in the stuffing, I awoke all too early to a familiar and unwelcome sound, my alarm.

The first moments of my day are always hard. As a glorified night owl, I crawl out of bed and find my orange shirt and walk zombie paced to my office. There, a brightly colored wall filled with decorations and drawings from yesterday greet me. The sun is just rising outside of my window.

Then the countdown timer reaches 0 and an adorable face pops up on my screen. All of a sudden I forget that it is way too early and I am without coffee. There is nothing more energizing then the face of a child eager to learn. He works hard the whole 25 minutes on an assessment. We finish just over the 25 minute time. 25 minutes of smiling, laughing, and all too goofy TPR.

We sing the goodbye song and he gives a beautiful rendition. I always stop to listen when they sing, it warms my heart. Just before we say goodbye, my adorable student lets out an almost perfect pronunciation of u201cHappy Thanksgiving Teacher!u201d

I quickly say thank you and we say goodbye. I am shocked he took time to remember or say that. A holiday I have decided to forget this year has been brought back to me by a 6 year old boy. It dawns on me that Thanksgiving hasnu2019t disappeared, it has just changed form. The smell of turkey baking is now the infectious laugh of an 8 year old girl. Spending time with my family is now doing elevator TPR with a kid and smiling the whole class. Saying thanks around the table is now a 10 year old boy telling me u201cthank you so muchu201d when we say goodbye.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am thankful for these children who are so excited to see me at the beginning of my day. I am thankful for VIPKID for this joyful job. I will remember every morning from now on, when that all too familiar and unwelcome sound goes off all too early, to be thankful. And I will greet the rising sun with a smile.

p>p>p>p>Happy Thanksgiving, VIPKID!