A Learning Philosophy to Follow

I’m that teacher who loves to makes funny faces with her students, to sing funny songs and to do crazy dance movements every time my student does something awesome. I love to see my students laughing and having fun in class: this is what makes teaching extra special. Ask anyone around me, and they will tell you that I’m that person who keeps people laughing because of all my silly little antics I’m always doing. I have a crazy sense of humor and can find humor in almost everything. Even things that aren’t supposed to be funny.

By Teacher LaTasha H


So, with all that being said, I like to believe that the reason my students keep coming back is because they love that I keep em laughing and will act silly with them. I think a lot of it has to do with being a preschool teacher for over 15 years prior to this job. I was the teacher who would run around with the students outside, instead of just sitting on the bench. I would climb the monkey bars with them, play dress up, or even color with them.This type of teacher/student relationship can help develop a positive and trustworthy bind between both.

Now working with VIPKID, of course the interaction is different because you can only engage with the student through the internet. But this has not kept me from going beyond and more for my students to make sure that they are not only learning, but having a good time as well.  Most of the time spent with the students is teaching lessons, but there will be times when you may finish before the 25 minute mark. This is where you as a teacher have to get creative and find different methods to keep the child engage and learning.

For example, I use flashcards and review them with the student. I ask the student to tell me what letter they see and the sound the letter makes. If the student is more advanced, then you can ask the student to name 2 things that begin with that letter, such as, C is for Cat. To make the lesson a little more challenging for the most advanced students, I will ask the student, I ask the student to write out the word Cat on the PPT to test their writing skills.

Another way to make this process more exciting is show the flashcard to the student and sing the sound and letter of the card to the of the “Farmer in the Dell.” I find this method works better with the younger students. The older students like to talk about the things they like.

One of the silliest things I have done with a student is play Hide-Go-Seek by ducking under my desk and popping up every now and then. My student thought that this was the funniest tings ever, Also, don’t be afraid to use you body parts when singing certain songs to the students, such as “Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes.” I will put my foot in front of the camera, or my eyes close, etc to make the song more interesting. Most of the kids will love this and repeat your actions.

So don’t be afraid to let lose and just be silly with your students. Use funny faces, funny voices. Sing out (whether you can or not) parts of the lesson, blow bubbles, make funny sound affects, do a silly dance as part of your students reward. And always remember to keep em laughing because learning should ALWAYS be fun.

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