9 Things that Happen Once You Become an Online English Teacher for Children

Thinking about working from home? Great idea! And how about teaching children English online? Hmmmu2026pretty fun, huh?

If you have not taught online, it might be hard to imagine what online teaching is like.

Here are 9 very interesting things that can happen after you become an online English teacher for children.

By Xing Han

  1. You start speaking clearer and sloooooower than others. Your friends might even think that you are currently working for BBC or CNN. In an online English class, teachers speak the language properly to make sure the children can learn correctly. And if they are teaching students with low-level English, they speak very slooooow to make sure the children understand them.
  2. u00a0You become so much more patient. Your mom will even think that you might be in love. Teaching children online will definitely improve your patience and your emotional skills if you are committed to creating engaging classes in the virtual world.
  3. You get better at time management. You have to be on time for class. You have to finish a class in 25 minutes. You learn to keep an eye on the timer as you are happily teaching all slides for class. Soon, you apply this to your daily life and you will be surprised at how much time you have to do the things you love.
  4. You begin to own more toys than many adults with children around you. Gradually, you find yourself driving to Toys R Us more frequently than to Ikea (unless weu2019re talking about the kidsu2019 department at Ikea).
  5. Your facial expressions become so much richer. Because kids that donu2019t speak the language being spoken rely on body language and facial expression, you just have to become more expressive when teaching. Young students love when their teachers are making faces! However, maybe making so many faces in the adult world is a bitu2026odd?
  6. You become eager to learn another language. After you teach English to children from other cultures, you become much more interested in your studentsu2019 cultural backgrounds, and your desire to learn another language is stimulated. If you are not already, maybe you will become a polyglot.
  7. You become tech savvy. Through teaching online, you will learn how to troubleshoot all kinds of problems that can happen with the internet, the computer, the platform you are using to teach. No need to call tech support for small problems anymore!
  8. Your selfies begin to look so much better. With adjusting light and camera angle, paying attention to class background composition, you will learn how to make yourself look the best in front of any camera.
  9. You will become u201cgreeneru201d without trying much. Driving less will be so much easier since you donu2019t have to drive to work. You are saving the world and making a difference in the lives of children on the other side of the world. Talk about you being a changemaker in the world!

Here you go:u00a0 9 reasons for you to be an online English teacher for children and 9 reasons that they will make your life richer and happier. Way to go!