70+ VIPKID Teachers Celebrate #NationalFlexDay

Today marks u201cNational Flex Day,u201d an initiative to promote and celebrate workplace flexibility, and VIPKID is proud to be fostering flexible work arrangements for over 3,000 teachers.


u201cI just love that VIPKID allows me to be both mom and teacher without feeling I have to make a sacrifice. My children now see me in a different way; they respect my profession and view me as someone other than their Mom. I can see their pride when they talk to their friends about how mom teaches children in China.u201d

In celebration of National Flex Day, more than 70 VIPKID teachers from almost 30 states in the U.S. shared their stories of how workplace flexibility has helped them thrive or impacted them positively u2014 personally or professionally.

u201cIt has boosted my love of education ten-fold and most importantly gives me time with my family that I would not have if I was in the traditional classroom.u201d

u201cI have a lot of ESOL students in my Kindergarten classroom so it has been fun comparing strategies used in the classroom and VIPKID. It has also helped me see recurring patterns in students learning English whether as an ESOL student or a regular student.u201d

Weu2019re inspired by the many heartfelt and personal stories shared by our teachers on why they value workplace flexibility, from:

  • being able to have time to take care of and stay close to elderly parents or a child with special needs,
  • to being able to spend more time raising their children,
  • to being able to create income to pursue endeavors such as traveling, stand-up comedy, masteru2019s degrees or volunteer causes dear to their hearts,
  • to being able to work in an arrangement that works best for their families without sacrificing their career plans
  • to being able to deepen their love for teaching and education

and many more

u201cHaving a flexible job allows me an understanding of what works best for my own productivity. I can work when I am happiest, and therefore most productive. This means my students get the best of me, every day, by design.u201d

To us, our teachers are all change-makers who are embracing the charge for more workplace flexibility, and we have no doubt their stories will inspire many others. We invite you to read and to share their inspiring stories.