5 Ways to Improve Your Study Flashcards

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Most teachers and students are familiar with using flashcards to help them study or revise for an exam. However, just writing some information on both sides of an index card and attempting to recall it occasionally isn’t how you make full use of this method’s potential. Here are a few ways to quickly improve your study flashcards for more effective revision sessions.

Use Color Strategically

Color can be used to group cards by different criteria, for example by subject subcategory or type of information. This makes it easier to find similar flashcards if you only want to revise a certain part of your course. One option is to use colored pens to mark the corner of each card according to your chosen schema. Another method is to buy index cards in multiple colors instead of just one.


Limit How Many Words You Write on a Card

Flashcards aren’t designed to hold several paragraphs worth of information on them. If you write too much on one you may struggle to read it or recall all the details, leading to frustration. Try to limit text to just the important details that need to be on the card, or find a way to split it up across multiple cards instead.


Use Highlighters Sparingly

As stated above, only important information should be on your index cards to make sure it’s easy to read and recall. Therefore if you like to use highlighters to mark keywords, you may be tempted to highlight most or all of the text on a card. Avoid doing this, as it can make the card look cluttered. Instead, try to limit highlighted words to two or three per side depending on how many words there are in total.


Create Question Cards

In addition to making cards for all the definitions and equations you need to learn from the course syllabus, also find or create questions related to the material. Most textbooks will usually have some example questions and answers you could use. Well-structured homework tasks are good sources of questions too, as long as your teacher has provided useful feedback or model answers.


Bundle Cards Together to Use Them While Traveling

Punch a hole in the corner of each flashcard so that you can group several together with a keyring or some string. You can then safely use those cards while on the go, as you’re less likely to lose individual cards. You can also buy bundles of flashcards that come already attached to a keyring so you don’t have to do it yourself.


A Final Word on Study Flashcards

These suggestions can help improve the way you create and use your flashcards, but now you need to put them into practice in order to get the benefits. So add a little flair to your cards, then get studying!