4 ways VIPKID takes the stress out of teaching

I just completed my first week with VIPKID. Iu2019ve taugh 30 classes in just 4 days and I am hooked! I spent one year teaching in a formal classroom before I decided it was time to reevaluate. I wasnu2019t sure if teaching was for me. u00a0I loved watching my students learn, and interacting with them, but all of this was outweighed by the stress that came with the job: endless staff meetings, prepping for standardized tests, and trying to keep the attention of 25 9th graders at one time. VIPKID has brilliantly eliminated the most stressful aspects of teaching.

By Chelsea F.


No more hours upon hours developing lesson plans, making worksheets, or writing tests. The good folks at VIPKID have done the work for you! The lessons are planned and they are good! There are plenty of visual aids, activities and opportunities to check for understanding. VIPKID even uses a flipped classroom approach so the students are at least familiar with new concepts and vocab before class starts! My only planning responsibility as a teacher is to go through the slides ahead of time, to familiarize myself with lesson, and maybe gather some extra props.


As a classroom teacher I would sometimes spend entire evenings on the phone with parents, or tracking down phone numbers and contact info that had changed. With 250 students, staying in contact with each of their parents was a daunting task. Here at VIPKID, at the end of each lesson a box pops up. I simply type a note to the parents about how their child did, and , voila! The note is delivered to the parents.

3. Support System

I have been so impressed by the support system VIPKID has to offer. Help is readily available when needed. u201cFiremenu201d who serve as tech support are on call whenever you have a problem with a lesson. Email questions are always answered promptly. The other teachers have also been incredibly helpful, responding to a barrage of questions I had posted as I figured things out., and giving lots of helpful advice. Help is always just a click away.

4. Classroom Management

What I feel is the single greatest thing about VIPKID is that every single lesson is one on one. No wondering if the quiet kid in the back is actually grasping the material. No breaking up arguments between students. You have to keep just one child engaged. If they donu2019t understand something, simply go back and review it. u00a0There is also a built in rewards system. u00a0You can give out stars that students can use to buy things in the app. Itu2019s fun to watch their little faces light up when you give them a star. Working one on one truly changes the entire teaching process and is as valuable for the students as it is for the teachers.