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VIPKID has been making huge ground both internationally and domestically because of its high quality of teachers and teaching. While many agree that VIPKID is a powerhouse of learning and innovation, they may not know the groundwork for this – the curriculum. VIPKID uses Common Core Standards as the foundation for their curriculum and uses it as a benchmark for all things learning orientated.

What exactly are the Common Core Standards?

These are a set of impressive and quality academic standards in Mathematics and ELA (English language Arts/Literacy).  Essentially, they are a set of outlines or goals if you will, of what each student in each grade should know by the end of the year. They were constructed to ensure that every single student that left high school harbored enough knowledge to propel them further in not just college and the workplace but in life itself. These Common Core Standards are prevalent throughout the USA, having been adopted in 42 states, The District of Columbia, 4 territories and the DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity).

The birth of Common Core Standards

For years the academic progress within America was stagnating and was becoming a national issue. The cause was revealed to be the uneven level of academia across all states in America, as each was teaching with their own set of regulations and protocols. There was a great discrepancy between what a student should and shouldn’t know by the end of each grade (school year). In 2009 the state school chiefs and governors who make up CCSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) and the NGA Centre (National Governors Association Center for Best Practices) came together.  They orchestrated a state-led effort to bring all educators to the same table and agree on a single set of standards that all would adhere to.

The standards are as follows:

  • Research- and evidence-based
  • Clear, understandable, and consistent
  • Aligned with college and career expectations
  • Based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills
  • Built upon the strengths and lessons of current state standards
  • Informed by other top performing countries in order to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society.

VIPKID and Common Core Standards

VIPKID proudly markets itself as “American school at home” so it was only natural to adopt a curriculum based on American teaching. China’s own education is based on tests and education models so it was important to try and correlate a system similar to this.

As well as keeping the teaching affiliated with American standards, using the Common Core Standards also ensures that quality of teaching and learning is kept. The Common Core Standards were meticulously put together by individuals in the education sector with countless years of experience. By using the Common Core Standards, VIPKID can ensure that their curriculum and teaching materials are the best in the world. Parents will know that when their children sign online to have a lesson they are not just being taught by a qualified and professional individual. They are also being taught with a curriculum and lesson plan that is guaranteed to further learning and accelerate understanding.

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  1. I taught Common Core for the last 4 years of my teaching experience. I enjoyed teaching it and believed that it was giving our students in Mississippi a better foundation when comparing them to other states.

  2. Just like other similar programs that have gone before it, Common core hasn’t served to significantly bolster or improve the education system at all, nothing of significance has changed across the board as it proclaimed would be done with the highest standards encouraged and taught, the founder has even said as much. For as much money has been invested in this program, it has been for naught, yet another failed experiment that was poorly planned and implemented to begin with. There is nothing ingenious or innovative about the goal of Common core, as standards have always been something to strive for in the classroom, and instead tried to pigeonhole education for young minds to fit the small spectrum of knowledge to be tested. It has been a huge disappointment that has let down many, and I believe that it’s unfortunate that VIPKID feels the need to emulate these (lack of truly rigorous and dependable) “‘standards” in its curriculum.

  3. I feel that common core is a backbone that provides structure to the curriculum. When coupled with adapting learning styles and implementing tried and true methods, it can provide a firm foundation.

  4. interesting.. but I am concerned about student who don’t know about common core and were taught with the other standards and now have to adapt to common core.. but the idea is good for students starting out. :0

  5. It’s good to know that you are true to this being as close to an american school environment as possible! Thank you for all your work.

  6. I can recall heated debates and struggles when my state opted to decline the implementation of Common Core. What gave me a surprise was the number of adult teachers who exclaimed Common Core instruction was too difficult and that students could not be taught to adequately think in the manner of problem solving (higher order cognition) because many could “barely read.” As a student who started college at 15 and was pushed to do well academically, I would instill in my students the need to be the best they could be and that meant doing more than our state standards suggested as “meeting grade level” understanding. In some states, students are still not being afforded the gift of mainstreaming their education with a link to Common Core and will struggle later when they compete for the same positions other students with this knowledge will have grown accustomed to…I welcome Common Core at VIPKID. If a bandwagon for education is sweeping the majority, I believe it is in the best interest of education stakeholders (teachers included) to think of what is truly best for Students. What we believe they can do, they will aspire to do…if this bar is set low WE as teachers will not grow and Students will not grow under our instruction. Thanks VIPKID!

  7. They chose Common Core to keep the teaching affiliated with American standards. By using Common Core Standards, VIPKID can guarantee that their curriculum and teaching materials are the best in the world-guaranteed to further learning and accelerate understanding.

  8. With a one-to-one teacher-student ration, keeping up with the assessments is no issue. I love that the VIPKid curriculum focuses so much on basic vocabulary exposure and memorization, and then it builds toward making connections between those basics. I see more Classical Trivium than Common Core in our curriculum.

  9. Common ore does provide a structure to teaching…though a very rigid one.
    It expects the same out of each student without paying any heed to their different strengths and weeknesses
    Apart from following a traditional approach like common core use more fun. enjoyable methods with small children. Like instrument story-time or music and rhyme. Common core is benefical only if a student has been following this technique the very beginning.

  10. using the Common Core Standards also ensures that quality of teaching and learning is kept. The Common Core Standards were meticulously put together by individuals in the education sector with countless years of experience. By using the Common Core Standards, VIPKID can ensure that their curriculum and teaching materials are the best in the world. Parents will know that when their children sign online to have a lesson they are not just being taught by a qualified and professional individual. They are also being taught with a curriculum and lesson plan that is guaranteed to further learning and accelerate understanding.

  11. It’s interesting that while VIPKID says they are in line with common core, I have seen British terms used in some of their slides and literature instead of American. I’m not seeing consistency there.

  12. I have mixed feelings about common core. After having taught for 35 years, I feel common core pushes testing in the US and it seems now teachers teach to the test. The fun part of education, science fairs, biography fairs, and such have practically been eliminated to allow for common core.

  13. It all comes down to the delivery of the curriculum. When we teach students one on one they are getting the most benefit they can from the curriculum which differs from traditional classrooms. I like that the Common Core was chosen, even though I’m Canadian. Since the a large percentage of VIPKID teachers are from the US the Common Core makes sense. As mentioned above it provides uniformity and structure.

  14. I believe that the common core got teachers to have an awareness of what experienced educators thought was important knowledge for all of our students in the United States to have access to. The dilemma from my experience was the implementation of the standards. I still believe we needed to have a set of standards that would embrace the ever advancing body of knowledge. Knowledge is forever advancing.

  15. This quote was very insightful: “VIPKID proudly markets itself as American school at home.” It is a wonderful concept and the future of our education system.

  16. I, too, have mixed feelings of Common Core. There is great value in the process of teaching, and I feel, after teaching over 25 years, that the joy of teaching has been robbed from the teachers because so much emphasis has been placed on the testing. I would hope the tweaking of curriculum for Chinese culture continues to place more emphasis on the process of learning as a vehicle for conversational English. I do appreciate the rigorous pace of Common Core and the scaffolding nature of building information.

  17. It makes perfect sense and it makes it easier for American teachers to teach Chinese students. We are used to using the Common Core Standards.

  18. I think this is an excellent choice for curriculum. I am constantly impressed by the innovative and evolving platform and system that VIPKID creates.

  19. I think it’s important to have a set curriculum for this program, but I definitely don’t think that Common Core is the “best” or highest academic curriculum available. I think it was a money maker for some friends of the Department of Education. There are many methods of teaching and curricula out there that are great. I found many of these homeschooling my children and investigating what worked best with them. There are so many good choices. Maybe that’s why homeschoolers are doing better and better and are more thoroughly prepared for college, often at an earlier age than their formally schooled peers? I am not anti-public or private school. I was a public school teacher. My own children are in public school now. I know there are so many awesome teachers doing awesome things in formal education settings. I just do think that there is too much emphasis on testing in schools. And, I don’t think that Common Core is the epitome of great curriculum.

  20. Common core sought to become a unifying basis for educational evaluation. Unfortunately, uniformity can create an inflexible and static structure. It was designed to “minimum” standards which can constrain maximum achievement. It is also problematic to be teaching for testing. Any experienced teacher can understand the difference between “knowledge” acquisition and engaged “thinking”.
    The problem of the 21st century, as I see it, concerns teachers facing the difficulty of imparting to their students the importance of thinking in a world where knowledge acquisition is accelerating beyond the human capacity for absorption.
    In the present case of teaching Chinese students English, Common Core makes sense for their culture and educational system. It provides us with a useful interface.

  21. Another name for standards we should all be teaching anyway, and if we stuck with the “standards” everyone would be on the same page anywaw

  22. I appreciate that it has been adopted by 42 states and if a child moves out of state they would still have the same learning goals.

  23. I am not that familiar with Common Core. However, since I have learned English the “old fashioned way” by reading the best English and by listening to the best English speakers, I am proud to say I became a flawless English speaker. I believe that if other students studied and worked hard at speaking good English they also will excel. I have taught a foreign language for a few years and enjoyed the results.

  24. I am not a fan of Common Core State Standards. The Standards were rolled out with great rapidity, contain many “holes” as they move from from one level to the next and value test scores over a “portfolio assessment” approach to evaluation (one that considers more than test scores to mark progress). In addition, CCSS largely ignores early developmental milestones and deemphasizes affective learning and creativity.

    Standards as guiding principles are fine; but standards that are rigid and unyielding and that value product and progress over process and passion offer a less than comprehensive overview of a student and his or her progress. Happily, VIPKID focuses on such a specific slice of a teaching/learning curriculum that the CCSS principles (or lack thereof) actually have little bearing on the success of VIPKIDS positive methodologies.

  25. Since most states in the USA are familiar with Common Core, and the goal is to teach these youngsters English, it’s a good place to start. If need be, I’m sure VIPKID will make changes, just like various school districts did. You can make some of the people happy some of the time, but you can’t make all of the people happy all the time.
    I do love teaching with VIPKID! It’s so rewarding, and that’s the bottom line.


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